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  1. A little bit of humour ....
  2. Notable Quotes - various authors
  3. Scales are not always your friend - Debs
  4. Koh's blog - "Not the Nine O'Clock News"
  5. Barb - Cohens is NOT expensive
  6. What are "Koh's Classics" then??
  7. What "Classics" would you like to see in here?
  8. If you have Questions re "Classics", please post them here !!
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  10. It's all about perspective - from Ropemaha (Penny)
  11. Apart from losing weight, what other gains has Cohens provided you?
  12. Good news for girls with PCOS
  13. An epiphany? Seeing YOU as you really are - thanks to ConnieK
  14. Thoughts from those on Maintenance - various authors
  15. Revelations - from those "Doing Cohens"
  16. The Power of "NO" - various authors
  17. IMPORTANT STUFF (that often gets lost)
  18. A Cohens creed perhaps.... DO read this !!
  19. Forget "weightloss" - some Classics are classic for far deeper reasons
  20. How quickly am I likely to lose weight?
  21. Refeed - WHEN ?????
  22. Explaining "Back on the Bus" in more detail...
  23. Will Cohens work for me? (For all you new readers) ;)
  24. Maintenance successes - they do exist !!