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  2. Which Clinic ARE OR WERE you Signed Up Through ?
  3. Reasons for overeating
  4. How Do You Deviate? If Ever? POLL
  5. Is this Cohen's Journey not your First? POLL
  6. Plateau's - how long is your worst so far
  7. How did you find the forum?
  9. End of Plan Weight - Prior to Re Feed - Last day before refeed weight.
  10. Should we have a 'medical issues' forum?
  11. Polls - Read This First Please !!!!!! Important To Read First !
  12. Male or Female
  13. Starting Weight (70 kg to 125 kg RANGE ONLY)
  14. STARTING 2 125 kg up RANGE ONLY) Please Indicate your Weight Range on DAY 1 of Start
  15. Age Groups
  16. Does the Weather Effect Hunger ????
  17. Results - Facts & Figures
  18. Did You loose weight or Gain Weight on Re Feed
  19. How Much Did You Loose At The 12 Week Weigh Point ?
  20. How do you have your steak?
  21. I Start My Day with Meal ???
  22. My Favourite Is ??????
  23. Have You Experienced Any Eating Problems AFTER Re Feed Whilst on Maintenance ?
  24. WATER - How Much a Day
  25. How Do You Calculate your Water Intake ?
  26. Music
  27. Lifestyle Changes
  28. Fish Oil - Omega Supplement
  29. Which ones do you take !!!!!!
  30. Which Clinic Are You With ? NSW VIC TAS NT
  31. Which International Clinic by Country are you With ?
  32. Do You Take Any Form Of Chromium ?
  33. Do You Take Flax Seed Or Fish Oil For Omega 3 ?
  34. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test
  35. I Have Taken a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  36. Do You Buy Your Vitamins at the Clinic ?
  37. Do You Eat Kangaroo Meat ?
  38. 8 Week Weigh in Results
  39. Is Roger Federer the greatest tennis player of all time?
  40. What is your favourite Paul Newman movie?
  41. At what amount over your normal weight do you start to panic
  42. What kind of tattoo would you prefer to get?
  43. Which household chore do you find most tedious?
  44. Christmas
  45. The Meaning of Christmas
  46. Will you consider plastic surgery after cohens
  47. The LONGEST number of days with no action on scales
  48. How many diets have you attempted in the last 5 years?
  49. Blood types of people doing cohens
  50. Do you support Australia becoming a Republic?
  51. Are you obsessed with food or eating?
  52. 2010 Election Poll
  53. New Poll Please
  54. Is there a 16 week weight loss Poll?
  55. What clothing size were you when you finished refeed?