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New Diaries

Personal Diaries
Rules for setting up a Personal Diary on New You Forum
Please read through carefully

You may start a diary in the "New Diaries" section, however, you must adhere to the rules there. Your diary request for authorisation MUST be received within 2 weeks.

If you want to maintain a diary, you will need to fill in the NYF Diary requests form under the "Quick links" button on the Forum's navigation bar or at the bottom of this page..

Your Cohen’s Client Number is found on the bottom of every page of your programme, bar the new front covers, it usually starts with a couple of letters, and a string of numbers.

This information will NOT be divulged on the forum in any way.

A diary will ONLY be verified and moved to the permanent diaries section once you actually HAVE your programme.

If you do not want to supply this personal information:
That's fine, you don’t have to, however you won't be able to have a diary. You will still be very welcome to participate in the forum, but no diary. Sorry. This includes ‘pseudo diaries’. No member will be able to maintain a thread anywhere on the forum which resembles a diary. That is, a thread which concentrates on your personal situation. Any such threads will be moved off the boards immediately.

If you do not yet have your programme, or have not yet joined Cohen’s, you may absolutely still participate in the forum, whether you have decided to join Cohen’s, or applied for your programme or not, however you MUST NOT use this forum to harvest information on how to "Do it yourself", nor discuss on the forum how you are losing weight. If you do apply for a programme and are subsequently refused for medical reasons, whilst you will be most welcome to stay on the forum, we're sorry but you will not be able to have a diary.

Non removal rule:
Please understand that posting on this forum is completely voluntary. You do not HAVE to keep a diary. Note, however, that, at NO Time in the future will your diary be moved simply because you have changed your mind about it being here. Whether this is because you have decided you don't want to finish your programme, or because you no longer wish to post. It won't be deleted.

Personal Information:
Please be ULTRA CAREFUL about posting too much personal information on the forum. Please be cognisant of who might read your diary. We hate getting requests like "please remove my diary because my sister-in-law read it and I said mean things about her" etc... THINK BEFORE YOU POST!

Please understand these rules are here for the benefit of the entire community. This forum is solely for the purpose of the discussion of the Cohen’s Lifestyle Programme. There are MANY other forums which discuss other methods of weight loss, however this one is unilaterally Cohen’s Based.

Thank you for being a member of our community, we look forward to getting to know you better through your diary.

Diaries must be applied for using the following form:

Diary Request Form

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