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Kohinoor 22-12-2009 19:31

Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi all,

I'd mentioned this place in my diary at odd times, but, as of today, our Holiday Accommodation place is now "on the web". And I'm VERY impressed with the look of it - go here:-

My son organised this yesterday, and HERE WE ARE - better yet, as of today, we've had TWO enquiries :cheer: and it has only just appeared today!!! It can only get better from here - top marks to Matt for organising this - it looks GREAT !!

Of course, we will always give "extra special deals" for friends - so, go on, make a booking (and be sure to mention "Newyou" in the comments area) and we'll give you a deal reserved just for "special people" ;)

This place can now accommodate TEN people (as long as two of them are kids - or adult folk that don't mind sleeping in a bunk bed :p ) and there are FEW places around that can offer that. So, organise a "laid back" holiday for just you, or, you and a bunch of friends.

If you know Springbrook, you'll probably want to go back again - if you DON'T know Springbrook, well hey, you're really "missing out" !! We LOVE the place, and are happy to share this very special place with others. It's a great place to de-stress !! For a bit of a clue, check some of the photos in my Profile.

Merry Christmas to all, and the VERY best to you for the New Year !!


Pommiegal 06-04-2010 22:47

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
I reckon us Brissy Cohenites should have a weekend there at the end of the year! WOuld be awesomely relaxing - and lots of fun! :p (Especially if you're there Koh!)

What does everyone reckon? Of course anyone from the forum can come too, just it's only an hour or so's drive for us!

Wldchk 06-04-2010 23:54

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
I would be interested. Would we bring our partners?
I would have to do it after May 9th. Hope you were

Mum Chum 07-04-2010 23:14

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
What a great idea. I'm interested.

Kohinoor 12-04-2010 07:43

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi girls,

Just back from Bne (had ~9 days up there - and two of those days spent at Springbrook - I still love it, even when working on it ;)).

I reckon us Brissy Cohenites should have a weekend there at the end of the year! WOuld be awesomely relaxing - and lots of fun! :razz: (Especially if you're there Koh!)
Great thought !! Arond Christmas time, there's quite a possibility I may be up that way. Also, as I found out, that time is quite quiet on the Accommodation front, so you could likely "pick your time" pretty easily.

Another thought though, would be to organise a DAY trip - maybe have a party up there. Of course, SOME might like to "stay on" and have a night or two as well - but, how nice would it be to have 20 - 30 people all together round a BBQ (or should that be a "salad bowl" :p) or just having a party !! It's a reasonably big place, and made for entertaining....

Hmm, I'm getting excited already :cheer:


Laura77 12-04-2010 13:20

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
I wanna come!

Kohinoor 01-05-2011 14:26

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi all,

Well, much time has passed, and (AFAIK) no NewYou members have been by. But, here's your chance.....

If you click on the link, then trawl right to the bottom of the page, you'll see that May 2011 is looking pretty "light on". This means there is an opportunity for NewYou members to get a superb deal..... ;) Would a puppy lie to you?

Right now, we are offering 3 night stays for just $300 - for 2 people - midweek. Weekends are the "popular times", so they won't be discounted so much. But hey, if YOU want a weekend up there, I can "do a deal" (specially this late in the day) that will suit you and me. I'd rather have it booked than empty. :D

If your group is "more than 2", no probs - we make it available to a primary group (usually a couple) where the first bedroom taken also takes "the whole house". Any extra people are simply an extra $20 a night - to cover laundry costs, extra hot water, power, etc.

This place oozes serenity - so, if that is what you want, we've got it :p

Also, given the tragic results of SEQ's recent floods, we have decided to offer a free stay to TWO deserving families who need time to re-group in peace and quiet. Our efforts to do this through the State Govt have failed, but we are determined to give a little to those who have lost so much.

If YOU know of a particular case that you would like to share, do contact me via PM to discuss.

Meanwhile, if YOU need "a break, at a great price", let me know. ;)

Kohinoor 16-02-2012 12:59

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi all,

It's been a while.... and as our "two-speed economy" rolls on, business continues to do it tough.

Yes, it is hitting me too, and for the last few months, we have been offering really good rates on this lovely place just to keep ourselves in business.

Some months are really popular (Winter months, surprisingly - and Summer holidays - not so surprisingly). But "in between months" are rather light on.

So here we are in February, with March and April looking light. So is May/June, but they will (hopefully) fill up by the end of April.

If YOU are wanting a wee break in a beautiful setting, PM me (don't make an enquiry via the link in the first post, or I won't be able to discount as much) and let's make a deal.

Super good rates if you are able to book mid-week, but I will still do a deal for weekends too.. The more people in your group, the better the deal gets..... ;) Go on, you know you want a holiday :p


Snuggly_Boots 17-02-2012 12:17

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
It looks sooooo nice!! How would you get there, fly into Brisbane perhaps and drive down or?

Kohinoor 17-02-2012 23:44

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi SB,

Our place is approx. 45 mins drive from Gold Coast airport (aka Coolangatta), or approx. 90 mins from Brisbane. I am not sure if Gold Coast is International - I don't think it is.... but could be wrong.... :o Oh, and there is an Express train that runs from the Brisbane Airport (Domestic and International) right down to Robina on the Gold Coast. Our place is just over 30 mins by car from Robina.

Other thoughts we had related to "Cohens locals" having a day up there. You could even have a charming host-puppy :p cooking xx gms of Fillet Steak just for YOU on the BBQ !! ;) We had talked of something like this a couple of years back, but I was working in Sydney then, and it never got off the ground.

Now I am back in Brisbane, and looking for work wherever it can be found. Meantime, this place is only just bringing in enough to keep up the mortgage payments, so I'm looking at "other ways" to market it in slow times. It'll pick up again over Winter (our best ever month was July 2011) as people do a "Christmas in July" thing....

The idea of "having a BBQ" with Cohenites (and their families) just sort of appealed. Only problem is that weekends are our most popular time, so I'd need to "pencil in" a date a few weeks ahead to make this work. Or pick a day where someone only wants Firday and Sat, leaving Sunday free....

Just throwing ideas around - but, if anyone is wanting a holiday in the Gold Coast hinterland (up in the mountains), contact me.

And let's thrash out the idea of a "Cohens Day" for locals (or "fly-ins too, of course) - this is a lovely part of the world amidst World Heritage Listed Rainforest. It doesn't get much sweeter....


Kohinoor 13-01-2013 01:38

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi all,

Post #8 said it for early 2012. Here we are again in early 2013, and bookings are once again very light. You can pretty much pick your dates through Feb/Mar (except Easter - that has already been taken).

We are about to hit our "slow time" following a great occupancy rate in late Spring and early Summer. This means YOU can pick a date in Feb/Mar for a gorgeous discount (and extra gorgeous if booking a midweek stay).

PM me for any enquiry/booking - as mentioned earlier, a booking made via the link in Post #1 will cost me 10% extra, so that is 10% I couldn't then discount to YOU.

And WHY should you consider a stay up there? Several reasons :-

1. Right now, the weather in Brisbane is set to "bloody hot" - with most days ranging from 32 to 36+ degrees. Add in the high humidity, and you have the makings of stunned mullet weather. So take yourself off and enjoy days with peaks of 26 to 30 degrees instead. :D

2. Enjoy the variety of birds that come to your door (we supply birdseed), and marvel at the pademelons (a tiny wallaby that stands only ~50 cm high when adult) that bound around our place - in and out of the shrubbery.

3. Marvel at the serenity that exists up here. The greenery, the wildlife and the freshness of the air have to be experienced. The accommodation is pretty spesh too...... (see the link in post #1)

4. Help us to fill a gap in our cashflow so that we might keep this place and share it with all for many more years to come. You'll still get a lovely discount as before. It is better for us to keep it filled than to keep it empty !! ;)

It's a tough time of year for many - Christmas has loaded up the credit cards, and "back to school" costs hurt too. I understand... So let me help by offering a discount that will tempt you to "come up here and kick back". I'm standing by with my order book....:p

You'll love it :cheer:

claireybell 13-01-2013 01:48

Koh. Just want to let you know I'm very interested in this - perhaps once I'm in maintenance as a treat to myself and partner. Will be in touch!

Ciors 13-01-2013 08:59

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi Koh...I didn't realise you worked the place as a business...I've just sent an email to my sisters to see if they're interested in a family holiday

Kohinoor 13-01-2013 11:48

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Thank you Claireybell and Ciors. :D

I look forward to hearing from you, and doing you a special deal too ;)


Winterboots 14-01-2013 07:44

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Sorry guys, Anzac weekend is also taken :)

I have chosen to celebrate my big five O at Koh's bush retreat, deposit paid and airfares for the family booked.

It will be our first family holiday away together since 2008 and as the children are getting older 25, 23 & 21 and with some living abroad, I know times like this will be precious.

What better way to celebrate a milestone - family, nature, bush walks and a fire at night (and maybe a red wine or two:o).

Kohinoor 14-01-2013 10:42

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi WB,

Wow, mapped out already - airfares and all? You have been busy... ;)

I'm sure this will be a weekend for you to remember for many reasons - make sure it's a "top-shelf" wine to add to the pleasure !! :p

Sounds GREAT....


Winterboots 14-01-2013 16:03

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Had to be organised Koh as two of the girls have just started new jobs and don't have holidays owing therefore it means them taking only Friday off (we are staying a few days longer as we plan to travel inland and see some farming land for hubby) and with such few flights between Brisbane/Gold Coast/Christchurch had to be early to get the cheap seats.

As for the wine - I have a policy to drink "local" if possible so can you recommend a good local red?

Looking forward to an awesome weekend

Kohinoor 25-01-2013 11:12

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi WB,

As for the wine - I have a policy to drink "local" if possible so can you recommend a good local red?
As I am not a wine drinker, I'm hopeful that other locals who are might answer your question.... :confused: Sorry I can't help,


PS To all others, we have offered a discount online for Feb or Mar to get the phones metaphorically ringing. So don't hold back if you want to lock in a date in the next couple of months - I wouldn't want you to miss out..... ;)

I will still offer NewYou people a discount for other times anyway (and it'll be good !!)

Kohinoor 09-04-2013 08:56

Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)
Hi all,

Your luck is in..... We have had a last-minute cancellation which leaves this weekend, and next, AVAILABLE !! :cheer:

Anzac weekend has been taken (Winterboots snaffled that some weeks back :D), and there are still some May weekends available too.

June and July are already starting to fill up as people book their "Christmas in July" timeslots.

To see what timeslots are available, do click here (and go to bottom of page):-

Help us to keep this marvellous place open and available. We love sharing it with the world, but times (economically) are tightening up for us.

While on that, if anyone in the Brissie area hears of a Company that could do with the services of a reliable older person (done many things, have driver's licence, IT background, love driving, people, is reliable, trustworthy, etc.) either full or part time, please send me a PM.

Or maybe you hear of someone who is wanting to purchase a business that has been getting a high percentage of return customers in the Holiday Accommodation arena. I'd hate to sell, but hey, we do what we have to, eh?

Our customer comments left in the guest book often say "We'll be back!" - and many of them do just that. Why not? It is such a breath of fresh air up here. ;)

For now though, who is wanting a weekend (or even a week) in paradise in April/May? How about you? :p


Kohinoor 24-05-2013 22:40

Queen's Birthday weekend - not taken yet....
Further to my last post, this year seems to be barrelling along like a herd of turtles!! :p

Queen's B'day - We took a cancellation a couple of weeks ago for that weekend, and have had two enquiries since, but no takers yet. Now, this is Queen's Birthday as recognised in Australia (exc. WA) - the weekend starts 8th June, and Queen's B'day is on the 10th.

June/July are "usually" two of our busiest months, yet here we sit with only two weekends booked. :( What gives? Does it all come down to "business confidence"? Or is it deeper than that?

Even the School Holidays are largely available.... :confused:

Ah well - whatever it is, all I can do is to continue to offer stupendous deals to NewYou people who might want to have an invigorating weekend in Springbrook, and "get back to Nature" in this World Heritage area.

Do YOU want a long weekend away? If so, please PM me and I'll do the very best I can to make you an awesome offer.

What about a "Christmas in July"?

And don't forget, we can do the BEST deals for larger groups, so bring your whole extended family if you wish. We can accommodate ten in proper beds, and can even go more using air mattresses if it suits you.

Give us a try - it doesn't hurt to ask..... (Hmm, if you pay enough, you might even be able to have a faithful basset hound serving you your Cohens meals, pouring your sparkling water, taking your kids bush-walking, hmmmm? ...... :p )


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