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ej_nz 30-03-2013 20:38

The Clean Slate
Hi all! :)

Here is a thread for anyone who is needing a Clean Slate, a line in the sand, a new start etc....

Clean Slate says it all really, Cohens is such a clean eating program, maybe you have been on maintenance and indulging in some rich or processed foods and are feeling blah, or maybe you are still on your original plan but something came up and you deviated?

Let's put our cares and worries behind us, and focus on today, the day we can start to put things right and to clean out our system and get back to health and vitality! :)

Clean Slate = Happy State :cheer:

Join the fun......


ej_nz 30-03-2013 20:48

Re: The Clean Slate
Hi de hi!! :)

Well this Easter has been a bit of a shambles in the food department. No-one to blame except myself, I have not been well organised and have just succumbed to what has been convenient for meals etc, not good!

I have made my list for my shop on Monday....I am getting some venison from the shop, I didn't have that when I was OP last year, so this will be new for me and thus make being strictly back on plan exciting again! :)

Also, I will try and bag a Honey Dew Melon and some grapefruit...didn't have those last time either. The price of Kiwifruit is ridiculous at the moment, hoping for some yum apples as we come into apple season. I hate the soft, floury type of apples, I LOVE the crisp, tart and juicy kind, braeburns are good for this and also Eve apples (when they're in height of season).
I used to adore my Eve apples :)

Funny to think that one would ever get excited about apples, but me and my friend Nicole used to spend many conversations talking about our apples!
Living clean will do this to you I suppose!

Here are my personal reasons for going back OP

* to be healthy and actually clean on the inside again
* to have beautiful nights sleep....I can't tell you how I yearn for my OP sleepiness and the amazing nights sleep I used to get
* to feel gorgeous again
* to feel confident again
* to feel healthy again
* to fit my clothes again
* to fit my coat from England (new season's too so I am determined for this winter to make it happen!!)
* to give my body the respect it deserves
* to be a nice person to be around because my hormones are balanced! (I think my husband would agree to this - the poor long suffering man!) LOL!
* to change the way I think about food, rather than just the way I eat food

OK, I'm pretty sure that has exhausted everything!
(or until I think of others!!!) :)

What's your clean slate for? I would love to hear about your journey/moments too!


ej_nz 30-03-2013 21:05

Re: The Clean Slate
Oh and my avatar is a sideways shot of me when I was first in maintenance....its only been in the last couple of months that I;ve been struggling...hence....I have put it up as my reminder of how a little effort = a little number on the scales! :)

Even if you find yourself reading this and it doesn't really apply to you right now...feel free to leave a little comment of support or leave a positive never know just who might need to read it! :marvellous:


ej_nz 31-03-2013 08:17

Re: The Clean Slate
Good morning and Happy easter!!! :)

it seems I am the only one to post in matter....join in if you want or read away too, I am not bothered.
The Easter bunny was kind to me this morning, he left me a great coffee mug and a little 50g bunny that he bught for me before I made the decision to go back on plan. I would include a thumbnail pic in this post if I knew how....any tips??
The chocolate bunny is the perfect Cohens size for maintenance guidelines and it can hibernate in my chest freezer until I decide a time during my second phase of maintenance to enjoy it.

No harm in waiting.

I was thinking about OP today, and decided to consider it as a total blessing, my life has changed quite significantly in the last couple of months, cue the bad eating and sleepless nights, as I find it hard to adjust to change.

But anyway....I thought about it and now consider my OP to be my saving grace, I look back over my time on OP last year and yes I did have stressful things happen and yes I did get bored and yes there were birthday cakes and alcoholic drinks being consumed around me but I never deviated from my plan.
It was my "sure thing" in uncertain times, I didn't have to think too much about it, it was just food (tasted amazing) but food nonetheless.
It wasn't my comforter, it wasn't my entertainment, it wasn't my "dutch courage" it was just food.
Being on plan meant I only had to plan out whatever it said on paper, it gave me structure on those stressful days...all I had to know was, was it M2 or M3 for dinner tonight?


I look forward to getting this back as I learn to be kind to myself in the midst of all the change I am going through right now, and learning about me as a person's hard to re-discover this after many years of being just a wife and mother!


Hayley23 31-03-2013 09:02

Re: The Clean Slate
Ej I love the idea of this thread.

I just have to say, that I have been in NZ two weeks now and you have no idea how much I have pined for NZ apples! I really struggled with finding apples I liked in Australia. I'm very fussy and they must be crisp and crunchy. If I as much as bite into a floury apple...GAG :x

Last couple of days I have actually been cutting the apples in slices (no need to remove skin as thats where all the fibre is) and baking them in the oven with a little cinnamon. They are really good and you don't notice as much if you haven't used the nicest apple.

I LOVE eves! They are the BEST! I think they are out soon yes? Can't wait! Ok this entire post is about apples............


Ladi-lani 31-03-2013 14:47

Re: The Clean Slate
Too right about the floury apple!! A couple of weeks ago, I had the most delicious Royal Gala apple and the next day it was floury (gag). Usually, I'm off apples for at least a month before I can bring myself to risk it again, but NZ beauty apples (freakin' amazing).

Loving the clean slate idea too. I've had a few moments of weakness (in fact I had an entire weekend of it) and I can understand what it feels like to have to start afresh on Monday. It's hard going... I mean why eat salad when you can have hot chips and battered fish?!

Love your goals and reasons EJ. Go you :)

NicoleS 31-03-2013 19:26

Re: The Clean Slate
Hello my beautiful friend, what a great positive post!! I have just reposted in my diary for the first time and finally as how i am feeling today....I to am DayOne tomorrow and agree to all your reasons, i am feeling the same way!
I cant wait to catch up with you on Tuesday and get the supprt from each other :) mmmmm smitten have gone from newworld, had to try another brand, not so cool - bring back eve! LOVE LOVE LOVE our eve appls x

Kohinoor 31-03-2013 19:46

Re: The Clean Slate
Hi ej,

THE place to go if you want to know "How to do anything" is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Look top right of any page, to the left of the "UserCP" button is the "FAQ" button - click it.

Once in the FAQ section, you can type in a word to Search for (in this case, I simply typed "photos") and press Enter.

The answer for you re having pics IN your post is here :-
When you have uploaded a picture, you can place it in your posts by using the BB code text that is displayed below the image when you view it at full size.

Hope that helps, ;)

Michellebell 31-03-2013 19:53

Re: The Clean Slate

Originally Posted by Hayley23 (Post 400736)
Ej I love the idea of this thread.

I just have to say, that I have been in NZ two weeks now and you have no idea how much I have pined for NZ apples! I really struggled with finding apples I liked in Australia. I'm very fussy and they must be crisp and crunchy. If I as much as bite into a floury apple...GAG :x


With only having 2 fruit per day you can't waste those slots on bad apples!!! My favourite, and the only ones I buy, are Pink Ladies. BUT the last 2 weeks I haven't been able to buy them at my local greengrocer - he says they aren't available!! And yet I found some at the Subiaco Markets last Sunday! Such a little thing and yet not being freely able to buy my favourite apples is spoiling my afternoon snacks! :(

ej_nz 01-04-2013 07:17

Re: The Clean Slate
Hi everyone!! :D

Yay girls...I know only too well the disappointment of biting into what seems like a glorious, delicious juicy apple only to have the slide rather than the snap of the flesh between your teeth :(

Hayley - I hope you get some A grade NZ apples soon...and that they are as good as you remember - if not even better!!

Lani - n chips are hard to give away in those weak moments....we only have then once every 4-6 weeks so when that time comes around (like it did when I was OP last year) I would sit in my room with a favourite magazine and an apple as my treat instead of watching (and smelling) the fish n chip meal my family were having!!

Nicole - yay girl!!! glad to have you back...CD had some tasty braeburns....I need to get some more, may visit NW just to see their offerings too seeing as I'm day 1 too!!

Michelle - oh I know about making those fruit slots count....that's why i could never go a mandarin for a fruit slot. The ones we normally get here in NZ are tiny, like 1/4 to 1/3 the size of an apple...oh no that would never do for OP. Apples all the way, and at a push, oranges. I am very jealous with my fruits when OP!!!

KOh - thank you very much for guiding me with the insert photo thingy...I will go and have a play around xoxo


Greeni 01-04-2013 14:23

Re: The Clean Slate
Hey EJ,

Great thread :)
Today is my first day back on OP. So glad we have this option to iron out our mistakes.

I'm looking forward to have the strict regime of being on plan again. And yeah I agree we have to make the best of our fruits... I love oranges and pink lady or royal gala apples.

Lets all start on a clean slate :) love it!!!

ej_nz 01-04-2013 14:38

Re: The Clean Slate
Yay Greeni it's always good to hear of more peeps joining in the excitement that a clean slate brings! :)

I have been finding Day one good so far, I have incredible tiredness, but i know this will pass. Just keep the water up I think today and an early night (hopefully).

Has anyone had Gelish mani or pedi? Or Shellac polish? I am thinnking of getting this for Mothers day...instead of a box of chocolates....the nailpolish would definitely last me longer than any box of chocolates...tee hee! :)

I will try and post a photo of my easter cup the Easter Bunny left this year. His chocolate offering still hibernates in my chest freezer! ;)

How is everyone else finding their clean slate so far? I have been feeling much, much, much happier and relaxed today (what's with that???) and I have started mental imagery almost by accident. I have been fast forwarding about 8 weeks and imagiining myself relaxing with my beloved near the mountains next to an open fire with a nice relaxing drink (following the Cohens guidelines and all that)..... yay!


ej_nz 01-04-2013 14:51

Re: The Clean Slate
Hang on trying to post pic.... bear with me....

ej_nz 01-04-2013 14:53

Re: The Clean Slate
1 Attachment(s)
Hope this works...let's see! :)

Ciors 01-04-2013 14:59

Re: The Clean Slate
Hi EJ...Slim and Collie are shellac experts....

NicoleS 01-04-2013 14:59

Re: The Clean Slate
Hey, my friend Lu, that you have met does nails from home :) shellac and gel etc etc. Cute cup, I got Best mother in the world from the kiddies haha.

Very tired today and finding it a wee bit hard, but feel good to.

ej_nz 01-04-2013 15:04

Re: The Clean Slate
Oh yay...I was reading about it online and 3 weeks no chips sounds totally amaze!! Especially what I get on with in my day to day life, I would need tough nail polish! :)

Just wondered if it was bad for nails seeing as it lasts so long? I am crap at painting my own nails/toes...I see there have been a few mani/pedi coupons from TreatMe and I wondered on it as a gift for mother's day..and Mr.EJNZ thought was good idea too.

I like the sound of your cup too Nic....had to get the pink one for me though...oh and of course with the crown pic too!


Collie 01-04-2013 17:09

Hey ej....

Slim goes to the salon, I do my own, I have the shellac colours, top and base coat, the curing lamp etc.

Out of all the stuff you'd put on your nails it is far and above the most gentle on your nails, there are no bonders or primers that you put on your nails to bind the shellac to you nails so you're not flooding your nails with chemicals like acrylics do.

It's hard as a rock, no chips, peeling, cracking etc etc, and really, my nails have gone from strength to strength quite literally with shellac. They don't have that flaky and brittle softness that happens when you remove acrylics etc.

I totally love the stuff, I would do a slim and pay someone too if I had the money to maintain that. It's a bit extra effort to do my own but I know what I'm putting on my nails, and I shape them however I like. I take my time and do it properly, so it lasts for weeks, many more than they advertise. The main reason I change it is that I get sick of the colour and I like a change!! You'll love it ej, go the neon colours!!

ej_nz 02-04-2013 06:40

Re: The Clean Slate
Hi Collie!

Oooo yay...that sounds great!! I am super excited now about trying it!! :)
I like the idea of being pampered and not having to worry about trying to paint my right hand with my left hand (always a disaster) I will try an expert to go the first round with and see how long it lasts/how I like it.

I will begin saving my pennies as you are right it is pretty $$$


NicoleS 02-04-2013 07:07

Re: The Clean Slate
You should go see my Lu Lu :) she works from home in bishopdale.

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