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Kohinoor 23-11-2009 17:49

IMPORTANT STUFF (that often gets lost)

I wanted to "catch up" with those REALLY IMPORTANT posts that pop up from time to time, then get "lost" again. You see, we can't make "stickies" of EVERYTHING, otherwise there would be no room for anything else.

So, today, I wanted to start this - and, this first post will record WHICH posts are targetted in following posts. I might even include "some old faves" (e.g. the "falling off the bus" thread, the "Deviation" thread, etc.)

Maybe this can become (into the future) a place to come to find those long-forgotten posts that really should be visible and easily found.

List of "What's on Offer" :-

Post #2 - is Asy's answer to those who are wondering :-

My Meal timing got REALLY stuffed up - what should I do? Do I wait and go to bed at 1:00 am if I've eaten real late?"

Open post #2 (below), click the link, then see Asy's answer in post #2 of THAT thread !! Makes a LOT of sense....

Post #3 - "Why can't we eat these foods?" - e.g. broccoli, cherry tomatoes, pork, etc." SMS makes a succinct observation to an oft-asked question. Find post #3 and click the link.

Post #4 - "A plateau is not a plateau - it's an Integration" - Shanara's thoughts..... makes a lot of sense....

Post #5 - "Physical Changes apart from Weight-loss" - you may have already read it - but, if you haven't, do yourself a favour and click the link in Post #5. This is one of my most favourite threads in this place.

Post #6 - "When should I start Refeed?" Wow, isn't THAT an "Oh, I wish I knew the answer!" kind of question? Well, now you can !! Go to post #6 !!

Post #7 - To exercise, or not to exercise - that is the question !!

Post #8 - How do I stay on Plan when travelling, or when eating out with friends? Shanara provides her thoughts and some useful links.

Don't hibernate when friends invite you to a restaurant, find out HOW to make it work for you - some great comments from Shanara, WSM (a chef), and others - see how it CAN work out !!

Post #9 - Will my skin shrink as I lose weight? Asy has a word or two...

Post #10 - Nibbling food while on Plan - how can I stop this? Two replies from two Cohens graduates provided answers that could turn on quite a few lightbulbs ..... ;) Asy lists "the order in which the body seeks out its energy source" (and those fat stores are LAST in the list!!). Important info to KNOW !!

Post #11 - The importance of REFEED !! :refeed:

Post #12 - The "You've lost enough" thread - some very interesting input from MANY !! Including some hinting that, in some cases, "You've gained enough" might be a good retort :p

Post #13 - Weightloss (or cms) slowing down?

Post #14 - EXERCISE - a look at "the big picture" - Asy specifically answers the question "Why not exercise?" (So important, I have included it twice - also in Post #7 - ah well....)

Post #15 - Why don't our meal sizes change as we lose weight?

Post #16 - Why do things seem to "slow down" as we approach goal - and, what can we do about them?

Post #17 - MAINTENANCE - ALL you would ever want to read in one thread. This one covers it all - the traps, the science, the hope, and the success. Required reading for ALL (even if you are "not there" yet).

Post #18 - JUST DO IT !! If other people's words are impacting on YOUR progress, try this one on for size.... Shanara always did have quite a way with words, and all worthwhile.

Post #19 - The ZONE !! What is it? Some try to describe it.... sounds nice !!!

Post #20 - Be SELFISH !! Hehe - yes, you heard me, and I DO mean it. Go to post #20 to read more about WHY we should be....

Post #21 - Motivation - if that is what you are wanting, THIS is the post for you. And see post #25 afterward too....

Post #22 - Mirrors - if they seem to be lying to you, take action !! Go to post #22, click the link, have a good read, then put a smile on your face!!

Post #23 - Emotions - they can lift you up, or they can tear you down !! Are they tearing YOU apart? If so, go check post #23.

Post #24 - Tips for New Members - a very useful post (and a lot of work went into its compilation - thanks to Jlou). So, if you are new, do check out post #24....

Post #25 - Motivational Ideas - having stumbled over this old thread, how could I not include it here???? It is a real gem.

Post #26 - The Three Trimesters of the Cohens Plan. The early, exciting part (trimester#1) leads into "plod, plod, plod" in #2 - but then comes #3 and the excitement comes roaring back again.....

Post #27 - Are you doing Resets correctly when in Maintenance? - it seems there is a "right way" to do a Reset and it also seems there is confusion around it, with different consultants saying different things. Which consultant is right? At least if you know of these different ways, you can check what works for YOUR body when maintaining.

PS if there are threads that YOU would love to be able to "find" easily, and would like to see them in posted in here, do reply to the relevant "Sticky" post above (and give me a link if you can).

In here, the ONLY threads you CAN reply to are in the stickies !! ;)

Kohinoor 23-11-2009 17:54

Meal timing is out of whack... the Triage approach
My meal timing is way out of whack - what do I do? Do I skip a meal, or eat at 11pm? :confused: If I wake up late, what do I do to get meal timing back right again ? And also, how important is it that I eat all that is prescribed?

Click that link, read the first post, then check Asy's answer in post #2 - Asy uses the "Triage" strategy (as used in Hospitals - handle the MOST important stuff first, the rest can be handled "in order" .... or dropped off if necessary).

Kohinoor 12-12-2009 09:23

Why can't we eat ..... (broccoli, cherry tomatoes, pork, etc.)
Today, I saw a REALLY important observation posted once again. SMS replied to one who asks (as many do) "Why can't we eat this or that while on this program?"

It is an oft-asked question, but finding the answer can often be tough.... From now on, though, you can go here:-

Keep on taking your medicine, and "Carry on Losing".... ;)

Also added in here as "A Creed to live by" - I found SMS's reply to be FAR MORE than just an answer re vegetables - enjoy....

Kohinoor 12-12-2009 18:20

A "plateau" is really an "Integration" (Shanara's thoughts)
Shanara invented the term "Integration" for those times when "Things aren't moving". Here's why..... Makes a lot of sense.....

Kohinoor 09-01-2010 17:53

Link to "Physical Changes apart from Weightloss"
This is a well-known favourite of mine. It outlines all of those "extra" benefits that just go hand-in-hand with getting healthy.

It never ceases to amaze me how QUICKLY bad things can come good - just the other day (in Jan 2010) a poster who had just started 2 weeks earlier came OFF her Blood Pressure medication - it wasn't required any more .... How good is that? Physical Changes apart from weight loss


Kohinoor 22-01-2010 18:46

When should I start refeed ?
Since I've often found the need to "Search" for this post, I figured it was time to include it in this thread !! ;)

The question was - "When do I start refeed?" - and, in this case (the link), the poster was NOT hungry right down to lower goal weight. But, it would/should apply to all anyway.....

The link below goes to the start of the thread, but take special note of Asy's post #11. Some really good "Refeed clues" in this thread !!

And now, having found it again, below is (I believe) the very BEST post to do with Refeed - from Asy once more. Read this, and you will understand SO MUCH MORE about the hunger thing and "when to start" - note the comments re "extra long journeys" !! :cheer: As Asy herself had one of the longest, she is well qualified to comment.


Kohinoor 24-01-2010 14:28

The "Exercise" question - oft asked !!
"To exercise, or not to exercise - that is the question !! Whether 'tis nobler to turn up to gym five times a week, or rest on thy posterior instead, sipping water...." :p

There have been many threads - as I find each one, I'll pop the link below. The first is Asy's reply in the "Do we, or don't we, exercise thread. THe whole thread is worth a read, but I wanted to highlight this answer from Asy :-

Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Another one below (thanks, Kagiesen) was one that I see as a "must read" - I'm sure others will follow too..... Note that my link takes you to Kagiesen's post - click the link in there to get the "good oil" (FIVE pages of good stuff).

Exercise and (no) weight loss - link to an excellent article
The above link sounds to me like so much "common sense" - which then has me wonder how/why "The Biggest Loser" can ever be taken seriously (with the show having people exercising to the max while still being 40 - 50 Kgs overweight :rolleyes: )

More to be added most likely - as I stumble over each on,


Kohinoor 06-02-2010 09:19

Travelling and/or eating out on plan? It can be done!
Thanks to Shanara for providing a number of useful links for those who are wondering HOW they can stay on Plan when travelling, or when eating out with friends.

A top post, Shanara - I'm sure many will be glad they can easily find it again ;)

Update :- 26 May 10 - How to make that restaurant visit with friends a success, even while doing Cohens - great answers/ideas from many doing Cohens - especially see Shanara's and WSM's answers (WSM is a chef - how good is that?) Here you go .... don't hibernate, get out and enjoy a meal with your friends.


Kohinoor 06-02-2010 11:22

Will my skin come right?
When losing weight, it is obvious that the skin won't need to be as "large" once the fat is lost. From what I read, it is the HGH that helps to restore things (everything?) while on the journey.

Today, I re-read the path of "the Goddess" (Asy) - and here's her comment as she was "taking stock" after finishing refeed.

Keep in mind, that this lady lost an astonishing amount of weight (88KGs) and completed that path, including refeed, in just on a year !!! A page or two earlier in her diary, she talked of how many cms she had lost. Imagine THAT change if the skin hadn't been "shrinking along the way". :eek:

She does say (always has) that the skin will continue to tighten for a year or more after completion of the journey. So, even if not "ideal" when she finished refeed, just imagine how it MIGHT have been if Asy hadn't been on this path? Read her words - and smile ;)

PS For those of you girls who have given birth, you will already know that skin can/will shrink again. How long did it take after giving birth? Hmm, pass - but you will know.

Of course, this shrinkage will likely occur quicker when younger. For those older though, the fact that the Cohens regime enhances HGH will have it still work its magic for you too. Maybe a bit slower, but hey !! Check Asy's words re that - she sounded pretty happy (she was nearing 40 as she finished - after losing 88Kgs).

Kohinoor 17-02-2010 17:50

I'm new, and find I'm nibbling (with powerful messages from a couple of Cohen stars)
This 3 year old gem was recently dug up - and I felt it deserves a place here !! (Thanks for digging it up, Laura - it's quite a find...) ;)

Of particular importance is Asy's presentation of "the order" in which our body seeks its energy - and those "fat stores" are last on the list - that's why so many other ways don't work so well.

With Cohens keeping the other options "off the table", the body has no option but to burn fat for energy. Go on - read it !!! And you'll quickly see why/how a deviation can be like shooting yourself in the foot. :eek:

The posts from both Asy and Kristine are gems in their own right. Use their knowledge to bolster your resolve.

Kohinoor 09-03-2010 19:28

The importance of Refeed, in a nutshell - courtesy of SMS
Is there any post more important than this one? :confused:

Many seem focussed on the journey DOWN !! SMS re-defines the importance of refeed.....

Kohinoor 22-03-2010 20:30

An Outsider's thoughts on "You've lost enough"
Hmm, had to go searching for this one tonight - thought it useful to include a link so that it can be easily found again....

This is the Outsider's thoughts on "You've lost enough" thread - some seriously good input from many respondees - maybe their thoughts relate to you too? And feel free to post as a reply to that thread too. We're always looking for more thoughts ;)


Kohinoor 26-01-2011 11:06

Kgs and cms shed SLOWING down?
Things slowing down for you while on Cohens? Weight loss stalling? Maybe cms too?

Here is a thread discussing that, and what can be done (and what shouldn't be done too)....


Kohinoor 15-03-2011 17:13

The "big picture" re EXERCISE
As always, trust Asy to say things succinctly, and knowledgeably. Check the date - this was a really early post on New You - and it got lost.

Time to shine a light on it once more. 9

Since then, there have been many other threads re exercise (just try a Search, and you'll be reading for DAYS).

But it is always worth coming back to "the oracle" on this subject.... ASY


Kohinoor 29-05-2011 12:05

Why don't our meal sizes change as we lose weight?
A good question - go here to understand why :-


Kohinoor 18-06-2011 20:09

Why do things seem to "slow down" when approaching goal?
Having seen tonight the words of one who has already "walked the walk" - and, is one who is well-versed in the psychology of the journey, I wanted to draw attention to her words :-

Penny (Ropemaha) was replying to one who is nearing goal, and is finding things "tougher going than before" - if that is you, then click the link and see what you can do to help YOU, ;) (Onya, Pen)

Kohinoor 23-10-2011 08:44

Maintaining - can it be done? and how?
Much very sage and thoughtful discussion re the Maintenance phase, including pitfalls and ways to succeed !!

It all started off (in 2008 ) with a somewhat innocent post from one just starting - but just LOOK where it went....

There are so many gems sprinkled throughout this worthy read....

Kohinoor 08-01-2012 14:04

Just do it.....
Wow, I stumbled across this old thread from one of NewYou's former stars - Shanara.

Her thoughtful post inspired others to inter-react too, with a lot of really good insights re this whole Cohens process, particularly in the realm of "What other people say".

We KNOW it challenges a lot of long-held "norms", in MANY ways - and this, for a new member, can be quite confronting (e.g. Words from well-meaning friends - "great, you are going well - now exercise", or "you are starving yourself" or "Surely you can't lose any more?" or "a Balanced Diet has to have carbs", etc).

Back to Shanara's post - aptly titled "Just DO IT"

Yes, this way is different, and yes it works - often, where no other way has !!!!!! Some members have said "Just surrender to this new way" and it will all be easier. Our minds can have a party with that kind of talk though, eh? And so can some friends/family. But, why not?

If you can just trust the outcome, based on the success it has already given to others, then you may find a way to simply "surrender" to this unusual way that works, and "just do it".

Once completed, your friends and family hopefully will agree that YOU got it right by sticking to it.

Food for thought - thanks to Shanara !! :cheer:


Kohinoor 28-04-2012 12:59

What is "the ZONE"?
It is often referred to, and apparently nice to be in, but just what is "the ZONE"?

Quite a few add their thoughts/experiences in the thread, and a bit of humour along with it too.

So, go put a smile on your face - click the link :- ;)


Kohinoor 28-04-2012 13:49

Yes, you heard me - we owe it to ourselves !! ;)

I know, I know - I heard those words you are thinking of ("Don't be selfish") when I was young too. Only thing is, we can often take them TOO FAR !! :eek:

Now and then, we SHOULD be SELFish - Richard Bach says it way better than I can :-

What do you think of that then? :D (Oh, and the link to the Richard Bach site was back a couple of posts from that one, so go hunting if you wish...)


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