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melly 23-05-2010 13:31

10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hello Everyone,

Am trying to give myself that extra oomph so I thought seen as there is no challenge atm I would start one.:razz:

I am aiming to lose 10kg in 8 weeks starting from the 24th of May.

If anyone would like to join pls let me know and I will add you to the group.

10kgs in 8 weeks challenge.

Name starting weight ending weight

Mel 100.2 90.2

Come on guys get on board!!! :cheer::cheer::cheer:

Alana85 23-05-2010 15:00

Re: 10kgs in 4 weeks!!
Hi Mel,

I will join... don't think I can do the full 10kgs within the month however anything close to that and I will be happy.

Name: Alana85
Starting weight: 82.6kg
Challenge goal weight: 72.6kg

Good luck to us all! :)

melly 23-05-2010 15:15

Re: 10kgs in 4 weeks!!
I realised I hadnt really thought it through so I have changed it to 8 weeks.

are u still in??

jlou 23-05-2010 15:58

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
I have just renamed the thread for you :-)

melly 23-05-2010 16:00

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Thanks JLOU:o

Mum Chum 23-05-2010 16:44

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Okay, I promised I would do the next 1 so count me in. What day do you want to be weigh / start day. My ticker shows my weight on Wednesday so is not current as at todays date.

giddyupgirl 23-05-2010 17:42

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Well as I blew the other challenge, can you please count me in on this one.

Start Weight 69.5kg
Goal Weight 62kg

I know that is less than the 10kgs of the challenge, but I am losing weight very very slowly.

melly 23-05-2010 17:42

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
well were starting tomorrow so i guess tomorrow morning would be a good time to weigh in?

Mum Chum 23-05-2010 17:43

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Will do.

C-JAYE 23-05-2010 17:57

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hi Melly, count me in for this one too!

Alana85 23-05-2010 18:34

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hey Mel,

Yeah 10kgs in 8 weeks sounds better than 10kg in 4 weeks hehehe.

If you can keep my original weights that would be great! :)


divineparadise 24-05-2010 02:56

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
me please! Will post my weight tomorrow !

giddyupgirl 24-05-2010 08:51

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Ok if we are starting this morning then I had better make my weight as of this morning.

Start Weight 69.3kg
Goal Weight 62kg

melly 24-05-2010 11:55

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
wooo go us.

Welcome everyone, we can do this.

will post my weight soon as I am at work and havent had a chance.

kenga 24-05-2010 12:16

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
I'm in!

Name: Kenga
W1 (24.05.10): Start Weight - 65.6kg
W9 (19.07.10): Goal Weight - 57kg

mumandnana 24-05-2010 12:22

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hi Melly, may I join please? I am 60.4 kgs this morning. So goal of 50.4 kgs. Thank you for the challenge.

amouage 24-05-2010 12:55

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Count me in Melly. Weight today is below on my ticker.



foggyduo 24-05-2010 13:11

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hi Melly
Can you count me in please?

Name: Foggyduo (Sheila)
Starting weight: 73.8kg (no change since 21st May)
Challenge goal weight: 63.8kg

My weight loss (not counting the first month) seems to be very very slow, and I have 2 trips coming up (13-26June to Turkey/Egypt and 10Jul-11Aug to UK/Netherlands) but want to join this challenge to keep myself focused and not get drastically off track simply because of the travel.


wavesnred 24-05-2010 14:52

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Hi Melly,

Add me to your list!

Challenger Name: WavesNred
Challenge Start Weight: 95.7
Challenge End Weight: 85.7

melly 24-05-2010 16:08

Re: 10kgs in 8 weeks!!
Well welcome

I will update the list when I get home tonight so its easier to see everyones.


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