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carrieanne_c 30-09-2019 06:33

Ten years ago
Ten years ago more or less I finished, I have been able to keep the weight off only redoing a couple times.(old plan) Ive never bought bigger size clothes. i weigh 67k now, i like to stay betwen 65 and 68,any less i am too saggy in the face. Size 38 - 40 is good for me. Hello to everyone. Stay to the program and it can work.

Kohinoor 30-09-2019 13:38

Re: Ten years ago
Hey there,
It has been a while eh? And look at you !!!


Well done to keep within such a groovy weight range - you must be doing something right...... 8-)

It is good to hear from you once again - as you can see, there are still a few old members popping in from time to time. For them, and for those new ones still trying to find their feet in maintenance, would you do them the favour of sharing your maintenance thoughts in this topic? You'll be in good company in that one - you may even remember a few names:-

Are you still in Italy (did I get that bit right?)


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