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Light_Life_Love16 24-06-2014 10:03

How does the end result look (saggy skin?)
I'm a repeat cohens client, but the first time I didn't make to to goal so I am just wondering what to expect at the end.
I have 56kg to lose and am wondering how my body will look regarding excess skin etc at the end.
Your comments would be appreciated. :)

Cazspaz 24-06-2014 13:24


I managed to lose about 55kgs and my skin isn't perfect, my belly and bum are quite saggy lol! But it's not so bad. I much prefer it now to how they were. I do hear the outcomes for people in how much extra skin they have does vary quite a bit though.

I was pretty consistent with dry brushing and moisturizing my problem areas... Did it help? It's hard to say a positive yes or no since I can't see what it would have looked like had I not done it.

Either way dry brushing and moisturizing certainly feels great and I think treating ourselves nicely helps with generating positive outcomes.

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