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Runninggirl 01-12-2012 15:43

New challenge
Hi just wondering if there is going to be a new challenge:confused:

Be light 26-01-2013 18:38

Re: New challenge
I'm interested in doing a challenge running girl, I might be looking in the wrong spot but I can't see any current ones?

Blommie 28-01-2013 06:29

Re: New challenge
I would love to be part of a challenge. Bring it on!

sixty_plus 29-01-2013 22:25

Re: New challenge
me too

Dezzy 29-01-2013 23:13

Re: New challenge
This is a challenge that the moderators usually instigate. Any of them reading that could help? I'd like to give another one ago too!

Slimk 30-01-2013 07:45

Re: New challenge
Me too :afro:

Booboo9498 30-01-2013 07:46

Re: New challenge
Im keen to do another challenge, however i am only 200 gm from completing the 5kg challenge, i dont mind if i have to wait for that to be done first :)

Wafiya 30-01-2013 22:21

Re: New challenge
That would be nice, please can someone start and invite us for a challenge?lets say from 5 February? I am sure there are quite a few ladies/gent that would like to partake in this! Lets bring it on.....

LouBean 31-01-2013 01:02

Re: New challenge
I'm keen to do a challenge. Started the 5kg Jan one only today - got one more day to get to 5kg (I've lost 4 already and have my weigh in tonight)

WestieWench 31-01-2013 04:13

Re: New challenge
Oh for sure! I was looking the other day for a challenge on here - def keen on partaking in it

*BAM* 31-01-2013 08:42

Re: New challenge
Me tooooo!!!

Booboo9498 31-01-2013 14:59

Re: New challenge

Originally Posted by Booboo9498 (Post 390658)
Im keen to do another challenge, however i am only 200 gm from completing the 5kg challenge, i dont mind if i have to wait for that to be done first :)

I am ready for the new challenge now, 5kg challenge completed today :)

Slimk 31-01-2013 21:30

Re: New challenge
Judy, start one!

claireybell 31-01-2013 21:52

Yeah anyone can start them. I am nobody (lol) an started the last one.

Michellebell 02-02-2013 10:13

Re: New challenge
You're a somebody to all of us CB!!

shaz72 02-02-2013 12:31

Re: New challenge
I,d love to start off with a challenge.. get the blood running.. n the kilo,s melting..

Booboo9498 02-02-2013 16:59

Re: New challenge
What about a daily water challenge with 8 weeks deviation free....

I am looking for a personal goal of 10-20kg loss between 4th February and 4th April and this will definitely help me

It makes it hard to think of a challenge because everyone is at different stages of their journey, however drinking water and staying on Cohen's 100% is part of the journey, so its a challenge to keep us all on track!!

Any other suggestions?

Be light 04-02-2013 15:42

Re: New challenge
Count me in, how do we start?

Jozilicious 04-02-2013 18:23

Re: New challenge
Maybe we can break it up into two challenges of 4 weeks each
1st Challenge
weigh in and accountability check (for those who weigh weekly)
4 February, 11 February, 18 February, 25 February (ending 3 March)
2nd Challenge
4 March, 11 March, 18 March, 25 March

(Coincidence that february and March Mondays have the exact same dates!)

So far the following people have joined:
Be light

who else???

Not2Much 04-02-2013 19:27

Re: New challenge
Me too!

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