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waydon64 12-12-2008 12:14

Any one in geraldton western australia
Anyone live in geralton Western Australia, on cohens, moving up in Feb 09, and wondering if there is anyone I could meet with and maybe have a coffee
Thanks :rolleyes:

RR64 22-12-2008 00:13

Hi Waydon64,

Yes I live in Geraldton, have been here nearly 9 years now. I started Cohens in October this year. Just PM me in Feb when you are in town and we can catch up for coffee.

Rose (RR64)

(my diary is under the name - Rosie Rose's diary)

waydon64 22-12-2008 18:38

oh cool I started in november so look forward to seeing you and have coffee, thank you so much for replying, do you have a clinic there or do you have to go to perth

RR64 23-12-2008 16:57

No - no clinic here and I don't go to a clinic in Perth. Patricia just phones or emails occasionally to see how I'm doing and then I just keep my own record of measurements, weight etc. I did meet her once way back in March when she was in Geraldton for a couple of days but that is it.

Cheers & seasons greetings

Kristine.. 21-02-2017 22:56

Re: Any one in geraldton western australia
Hey Waydon64

Do you still look in occasionally?

We have some current Members in Far North West of Western Australia

Maybe even furtherer Norther than Geraldton!

Are you still in Maintenance or are you holding a stable weight?

Do let us know how you are going

Lotsa love

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