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Wigworm 03-10-2019 17:49

100% Cohens and Waterwise Challenge - Monday 7 October to Sunday 20 September 2019
Hi all
I would like to put a challenge out there for all of us! Extra motivation is what I need as well as laser focus.
Rules for this 100% Cohenís challenge are:
  • We are going for 14 days deviation free
  • Mangoes are to be added at the end of each fortnight
  • Anyone can join at any time, but for new participants, more than 4 days after the beginning of the challenge and you will need to wait till the next one starts. Those who have been in the previous challenge can join after the 4 day period (unless, of course, they have deviated)
  • If you join after the start date, you still have to have been d-free since the official start of the challenge to be eligible
  • You can only use mangos in your signature if you are part of the mango challenge and have confirmed the d-free fortnight (Anyone who uses them without this will have their whole sig deleted)
  • If you earn five or more mangos, please only have one in your signature and the number, for example x 5
  • Deviate once and youíre out for the fortnight
  • Deviate again and you lose all your mangoes
Rules for Waterwise Challenge:
  • You have to tell me what the minimum amount of water you need to drink per day is.
  • Every day you need to post to state that you have consumed your min amount

You can sign up until Thursday (10 Oct) for this challenge as long as you have been drinking your water and been D-Free since Monday 7 October.

At the end of the challenge, we can all proudly display the Waterwise and Dancing Mango Icon in our signature. Who is with me?

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