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TwoZeds 13-04-2009 14:57

Getting back on the bus
Does anyone know where the thread is from the US site about crashing the bus and then getting back on?? Can't find it....

asy 14-04-2009 09:57

Is this what you're talking about???
__________________________________________________ ________

I am thinking that there may be those of you who are thinking to yourselves “I have wasted my money because I HAVE FALLEN OFF THE BUS…” :o

Well friends, the good news is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY THERE LYING ON THE GROUND BLEEDING (or gaining weight) TO DEATH!! The RESCUE TEAM is here to help you!

Let’s face it Guys and Gal’s: dieting has not always been easy for some of us – having all the holidays and celebrations, all seemingly so centred around food, family and friends can make it very difficult to keep FOCUS and not to fall of the bus…

If you have fallen off the bus, let’s take a look at what happened…

First things first, you have shocked your body… which up until that point was pretty happy because:

  • You were drinking all the water you needed to be healthy
  • You had the precise correct amount of proteins and vegetables needed
  • You were taking your multi-vitamins
  • Your insulin levels were stabilized
  • resulting in stabilized blood sugar
  • your body was producing enough serotonin to control the cravings for foods
  • especially starch, your fat burning hormone was doing a great job
  • your liver was not overworked by eating rich fatty meals…

In fact, your body was just going about very happy and everything was hunky dory and then suddenly: ...CRASH!!!…Flying through the windscreen and into the driver’s seat came a piece of 'harmless' cake!!! BANG!

While your mouth was going Mmmm, I want you to get the picture of what happened on the inside of your body: Immediately blood sugar soared! Body screamed at pancreas PRODUCE MORE INSULIN WE HAVE A SUGAR FLOOD!!! Pancreas got a big fright from being screamed at and scurries around working like mad and in her effort to please the boss, she OVER COMPENSATED… she thinks to herself you can never be too careful in a blood sugar flood… you never know how much more is coming or what the full impact of the disaster is going to be… my job is to produce insulin and I’m going to do just that!! Insulin, insulin, insulin… more, more, more…

The little insulin soldiers line up, one after the other and go to work, very hard and very fast. Their job is to move the sugar from the blood stream into the little cells. So they march along: Come, come sugar! We are marching you off to the little cells to be used as fuel… Left, right, left right, here we go, move it, move it… but because there are so much Insulin soldiers all over the place, all marching the sugar off to the cells, the cells get bombarded from 0 to 100 by an unexpected sugar fuel flood!

The little cells screams for help! Where must we go with all the sugar. Nobody listens! The little cells cry: there’s too much of this… Nobody cares… A few bystanders who do hear what the little cells had to say simply shrugged their shoulders and replied: you’re the cells you use the sugar as fuel - if you have too much fuel, simply just store the excess for a rainy day!

Ah, store! Good idea! Open the grocery cupboards (your hips and thighs) and the cells being to store the excess! Working, working, working very, very hard (the fat factory is now operational again)… storing excess sugar fuel as fat.

The little cells work so hard to store all the excess fuel that they don’t have time to focus on anything else – they just about put the person to sleep – make him feel really tired, no energy… that’s it, quiet down, relax, sleep… because they are not using food now, they are focused on the job of storing!! (You know that feeling after Sunday lunch?!?)

Meanwhile, back to the outer perimeter: because the body was shocked by the sudden sugar flood, and the body boss screamed at the pancreas who then overcompensated, and produced too much insulin, the insulin then move the blood sugar out of the blood stream into the little cells to fast and they ended up storing everything, the result is LOW BLOOD SUGAR.
When blood sugars levels drop too low, too fast we have another crisis!
Another panic! Oh now, NOW THE BLOOD SUGAR IS TOO LOW! Somebody somewhere signals the hunger alarm: and you’ve guessed it: the second crash hits shortly after this when ANOTHER PIECE OF CAKE COMES FLYING IN!

Everybody knows that a crash can sometimes leads to a full traffic pile up with one crash happening after another… a real disaster…

That’s what happens on the inside when Cake gets followed by Madam Doughnut and her little Choc Chip Cookie Friends and don’t forget Uncle Chocolate Fudge and Mr Muffin… makings of a disaster… poor little cells, they must just store and store and store and store!

Poor body! Poor person! Does not feel good after being in a CRASH… feels down and tired and sad - even exhausted and depressed… that’s because in all the mess of the accident the little Serotonin Fairy (who is very sensitive) was no longer able to wave her magic wand of happiness and wellbeing. She cannot work when blood sugar is racing up and down! Few people know this, but the Serotonin Fairy is not only responsible for feeling good, but, she also helps to control the craving for food: especially starch! So without her help, who knows where the starch craving will stop!

About Mr Growth Hormone – well he’s just one of those convenient kind of guys. When he sees trouble coming and hears body screaming at Pancreas, he simply ducks out! Packs up his little brief case and leaves town… meaning that the cells cannot use the fat that has been stored efficiently.

Like any other CRASH, falling off the BUS is not nice! It is no fun when your blood sugar is racing up and down! And you don’t feel good from eating all those rich fatty foods – heck, you may even have the runs!

WHAT TO DO: Understand what has happened on the inside of you and realize this is why you are not feeling well. Accidents normally require: police procedures, going over what happened, regret and some soul searching etc.

You need to make a decision that from now onward you are going to be a more careful driver of your precious little car! It’s the only one that you have been give! You don’t want to write her off or bash her up! She’s your little precious car!

TIME TO FIX IT: you must go back to the repair shop BY GETTING 100% BACK ONTO YOUR EATING PLAN AGAIN!!!

Yes, the first three days WILL be difficult!!! What did you expect? To be in an accident without any bumps, bruises, broken bones, or fractures? You will be stiff and sore!!

Your insulin will again trigger in expectation of the next sugar flood, leading to some low blood sugar and hunger… but when your pancreas realizes the coast is clear and there is nothing to fear, she will ease back into her normal job of producing enough insulin at a time.

TIPS: During the fist week or 10 days avoid the yogurt and cheese options as these are the least filling meals. Please take a second multi-vitamin each day at lunchtime - this will help!

In the pleasant environment of stabilized blood sugar, the Serotonin Fairy will again fly in to wave her magic wand leaving you feeling good and in control again of the situation again.

And, when the coast is clear and the crisis is gone, and your little car is back on the road again Mr Human Growth Hormone will come back again and quietly start working behind the scenes: breaking fat down into water for the cells to use as energy in order to empty out the over stuffed grocery cupboards again.

You need to resolve to drive more clearly!!! You only have one little car !

The bus wants to leave to a slimmer, healthier, happier YOU!!

KimN 14-04-2009 21:22

Ohhhhh yes. This reading is JUST what I need to get back on track... THANK YOU GOD!


asy 14-04-2009 21:35

You don't have to be quite so formal, you're welcome to call me 'asy'. :p


ConnieK.. 14-04-2009 22:03

or wise and mystical Godess ;)

sundaymorningstaple 15-04-2009 01:41

Back in the Pre-Cohen days, I would say 'Call me anything but don't call me late for dinner!' ;-)

Mette 17-04-2009 07:05

These days I say 'call me anything but don't call me early in the morning!'

Kohinoor 24-05-2009 10:57

Re: Getting back on the bus
This is so good, it's worth a "bump"


r a b z i 25-05-2009 08:58

Re: Getting back on the bus
OMG i just lovee this!! it just gives you a full understanding about whats actually happening in our bodies i love it!! brings u back up....i'm happy to say that i'm DF and after reading this im definately staying that way

ConnieK.. 11-07-2009 09:38

Re: Getting back on the bus
Bumpity bump ... for the newbies! and re reading by the oldies ;)

kiwinui 11-07-2009 20:30

Re: Getting back on the bus
Amazing, I am so going to be referring to this and savouring every word!

AuthenticMe 13-07-2009 16:30

Re: Getting back on the bus
A little side journey....what's a 'bump'?

pandora 13-07-2009 16:59

Re: Getting back on the bus
This has just become my "bible"for the next few weeks. Printed it off, its on the front of the fridge, copy in my handbag, copy in the car even, definately copy on top of the wine glasses (LOL) i am sure alcohol is even worse for causing chaos than cake! And tonight at dinner, i intend to ask my lovely 13 yr old to read it out at the dinner table so she and dad can get where i have been going wrong for over a year, how the extra weight comes back and the importance of cohens. Yeeha! Thanks whoever bumpd this - Connie i think! Pandora

ConnieK.. 13-07-2009 17:49

Re: Getting back on the bus

Bump is when you post a reply only to make a thread pop to the front page of the forum threads.


Peter 14.7 14-07-2009 15:10

Re: Getting back on the bus
Bump, very good Asy, Peter

AuthenticMe 15-07-2009 10:34

Re: Getting back on the bus
Thanks Connie

Kohinoor 30-08-2009 12:46

Re: Getting back on the bus
Must be time to make this post a "sticky" - I keep having to look for it :rolleyes:


janzoorah 30-08-2009 15:26

Re: Getting back on the bus
Thank so much Asy!! That was an awesome read!!

cobie_lee 30-08-2009 16:00

Re: Getting back on the bus
I read this about 50 times after i deviated.. It helped me get back into the cohens swing of things... Its a good read.. :)

Skinny Bineenie 30-08-2009 20:53

Re: Getting back on the bus

Please make it a sticky....It is a must read for all!

It got me thinking how I should be...understanding what my mind does to my's real "intervention" plan / program stuff!

Thanks to the Yankies and Asy.

The mind is a very powerful thing and 'we' can choose how to use it.

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