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lessthan10 13-04-2018 05:33

Koh please help...I have a question
Hi Koh

With ur knowledge on Cohen's can you please help me in deciding whether xylitol is allowed or not....getting such conflicting thoughts and responses.

Really miss the busy vibe of this forum. Hoping it will revive as it's got a wealth of knowledge and you on it.


Less than 10

I'm currently on maintenance and trying to lose a kg or 2 from my easter indulgence.

Kohinoor 13-04-2018 08:16

Re: Koh please help...I have a question
Hi Lessthan,

Wow, you got this right:-


getting such conflicting thoughts and responses.....
Since I didn't know what Xylitol was, I had to look it up on the Internet - and there you have it......

"It's great!" versus "It's dangerous!"
"It can help with controlling weight" versus "It can cause weight gain"
"It is natural and our own bodies produce it" versus "Just because it is natural doesn't mean it is good for you!"

Since I really haven't a clue, the best I could suggest is to call your old clinic (or the Perth one if yours is no more....) to ask them. If they don't know, they will push the question "upstairs".

It could be they have already travelled that path and have received a directive - have you gone that way yet? If yes, did they not know either? It is a tough one Less. Does your GP have any thoughts on it?

Anyone else "out there" have some information to share on this question?


Soon2BSlim 16-04-2018 14:14

Re: Koh please help...I have a question
There is also a Facebook group which was started by one of the forumites and a consultant or two on there who you could ask. It's nothing like this forum of course but could provide a quick answer if you're still looking.


ConnieK 16-04-2018 15:20

Re: Koh please help...I have a question
last time i was on it wasnt allowed .... that was in 2016 :)

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