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Mum Chum 24-06-2010 23:31

20 KG to go (or less)
I figure the 10kg club is running out of members and keep reading ideas about starting a 20kg. club.

I'm not very clever at this sort of thing, but here goes. Who's in?

C-JAYE 25-06-2010 10:10

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Oh Mum Chum I am so in for this club - do we have secret handshakes and passwords - will we meet every third Friday of months that contain the letter R?

Heeheehee - anyhoo I am definitely in!

MissNix 25-06-2010 12:45

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
I'd like to be in too (if you'll have me).. and secret handshakes.. passwords... special knocks at the door... I want it all ;-)

C-JAYE 25-06-2010 12:52

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
And Mum Chum will be elected as the Grand Poobah!!!

divineparadise 25-06-2010 13:00

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Me too please!!!

Melly076 25-06-2010 14:28

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
I'm in the club too :-)

forfreddie 25-06-2010 19:42

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Ooh count me in! Been cruising a bit this week and could do with a bit of healthy competition - I mean support lol!


lets.get.started 25-06-2010 21:02

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
me too. Thanks mum chum. you da best! I'm in

Bronwyn1955 25-06-2010 22:04

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
MC this is a great idea!! I think it is very realistic and hopefully you can all get to goal!!!

Mum Chum 25-06-2010 22:21

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)

MC this is a great idea!! I think it is very realistic and hopefully you can all get to goal!!!

Oh we WILL Bronnie - you just watch us.

I'm still trying to work out what rules we're going to come up with and I'm a bit worried I've created a monster, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I'll give it a shot. Stay tuned for more. lol

laukii 28-06-2010 00:59

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Thanks for starting this mum chum beein looking for a challenge to join! If I'm not too late count me in please!

forfreddie 28-06-2010 08:09

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
MC grand poobah are we going to have an official weigh in day and then report weekly losses on the thread?

(whoever gets to goal first wins the plastic surgery holiday in Thailand?!)


Mum Chum 28-06-2010 08:12

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Good morning all challengers.

So far we have a nice little group and I have taken the weights from your tickers. My weigh in days at the moment are Monday (for another challenge) and Wednesday (my start day) so figure we'll go for the Monday to start our week off.

Challengers so far are.

Miss Nix 11kg to goal (Of course we'll have you - are you kidding)
Melly 076 14.7 to goal
For Freddie 16.4kg to goal
Mum Chum 17kg
LetsGetStarted 18kg
CJaye 19.7kg
Divine Paradise 20.8kg

Late starter Laukii 18.7kg to go

Mum Chum 28-06-2010 08:21

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
LOL FF - beat me to the punch. I was trying to put all this together & your post popped up. Not sure about the trip to Thailand prize tho. If I thought I was going to be the winner I might be more sure lol

Mum Chum 28-06-2010 08:23

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Oh - so of course my start weight today is 71.6 with 16.6 to go. Mondays seem to be more worst day (daily weigher) as I don't get thru my water as easily on Sundays. That should tell me something you would think wouldn't you.

forfreddie 28-06-2010 10:18

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Right-ho my weight on home scales this morning (ticker is clinic weight) was 86.3 kg. Have joined the water challenge today as well and am gunning for a big week.


WellFit 28-06-2010 14:22

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Ohh please sign me up.. gotta love being in an exclusive club such as yours..

Panda 28-06-2010 17:59

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Hi Mum Chum - just found this post - I'd like to be in the 20kg to go club. Thanks for setting up.

kuki 28-06-2010 18:47

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
Howdy Mum Chum, I just read this thread too. Would love to be in your group! Pretty pleaseee. I REALLY need the extra push. Going into week 3 now and the cooking/cleaning up every night is sorta starting to become a chore...sure hope the feeling is temporary.

foggyduo 28-06-2010 19:15

Re: 20 KG to go (or less)
I just came back from 2 weeks holiday and gained 2.7 kg (which had taken me 2 weeks to lose in the first place!!!)... so when I get back down to the weight I was BEFORE I went on holiday (ie, 70.5kg) I would like to participate in this club.... I will need the support as I am doing a lot of travelling in the months coming up (all the way through to November), and I know that gaining weight when travelling is a very likely outcome!

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