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Kohinoor 22-12-2019 11:34

I miss "Rego stickers" - and it hurts !!!
Hi all,
I hope it doesn't happen to you, but I was pulled over for a common RBT stop. No worries, I thought..... until they directed me into a bay set aside for naughty people :eek: and a policewoman came to my door to "interview me".

It turned out that my car was unregistered - and I didn't know. I had not received a re-registration slip in the mail, but working things back, I figured she was right. So OK, what next?

It turned out she now HAD to write me an infringement notice (and apologised to me for doing so). I figured she was just "doing her job" so I was not bothered - until I saw the fine !!!

$427 for having no rego. Now, back then, I could be done for texting while driving and face a $300 fine, or I could join an extinction mob, shut down the streets of Brisbane and face a $350 fine.

Letters stating how wrong it all was, fell on deaf ears (didn't you KNOW it would!!) so I'm left with paying off this impost. Thinking about it, I do understand why it might be so high - e.g. if one is a nefarious body, who doesn't give a damn, drives unregistered, probably unlicenced, and maybe even drives drunk or drugged, then I understand a high fine for each offence (I wonder what chance they have of collecting the fines from such an individual though).

But my offence was to not receive a letter in the mail (and of course there is no way of proving a non-event, so facing court would have only added court costs to an already irksome fine).

In recent weeks, with letters to/from the State Govt, I have learned that other states also no longer have a Rego sticker on the windscreen (which I confess has saved my hide in the past). But without that, I have no reminder that things are looming - UNLESS I receive a letter in the mail.

Beware, one and all - check your rego today - our (Qld) State Govt is nice enough to send a reminder 3 weeks AFTER you haven't paid your rego. Unfortunately, the RBT was 2 weeks and 5 days after my non-payment, so they win, and I lose. Don't be caught - check your Rego today, and sign up for their "SMS ahead of Renewal" which is now offered. Shame I didn't know of it earlier.

Now YOU know !!
Stay safe - and a Merry Christmas to all, :xmold::snowfl:


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