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jessy 18-06-2014 20:36

Sweet Pumpkin Pie
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Super delicious pumpkin pie


roughly 1.5 kg's butter nut pumpkin steamed
1/2 can lite coconut milk
1/8 t spoon stevia

whizz together so creamy I added 1 packet gelatine ( for 500mls ) to help set

1 cup almond meal
1 cup coconut flour
70 g butter melted

mixed together pressed in pie dish and blind backed

added pumpkin cream mixture and chilled

Jordantimber 11-12-2014 22:47

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Can be dish made sweeter ?

jessy 01-02-2015 15:52

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Going to re visit this recipe with a thermomix and change the base out to exclude the butter and try creaming coconut with dates.

Ciors 01-02-2015 16:36

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Do the spammers actually look at what this forum is about...can it be sweeter! Prat!

Jesse, dates have a lot of fructose, why not try desiccated coconut blended with a nut butter, or even coconut butter?

jessy 01-02-2015 18:31

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Awesome web site Thanks Coirs.

CB1904 02-02-2015 20:51

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Yep. Love the website. Thanks Ciors and Jesse.

EEEE 02-02-2015 22:08

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
Thank you for this. :-))

Saleave 18-06-2017 04:23

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
thanks for the recipe

sara gillani 14-04-2018 20:48

Re: Sweet Pumpkin Pie
yummy.nice recipe.....

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