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jessy 29-01-2018 11:43

Jessy Take 10
Hi people...

Starting a new diary for a new journey..

Starting weight 83.0.... 2 days in and the first day was a false start second day on plan and 1.4 kg's down ..

Goals set :

in the 70's

As long as I stick with the portions and stay away from the dreaded bread and beer !! I will be back on track in no time...

All the best everyone .:)

Soon2BSlim 29-01-2018 13:02

Re: Jessy Take 10
I found your new diary Jessy! What a great idea - new journey, new diary! Sounds like you're off to a great start, well done!


jessy 09-09-2018 16:51

Re: Jessy Take 10
Last Run was short lived ... lets hope this run goes better ... last year I actually got into the 60's.. yesterday I peaked at 86 .. so not cool... day 2 on track ... anxiety up as i detox from the work.. but I am on track .. and scales coming down fast ... first goal is to be solidly into the 70's by end of next week .. and hopefully i can feel clean and healthy again ...

Good luck everyone :)

jessy 02-10-2018 16:34

Re: Jessy Take 10
I am still plugging away ... not with as much stealth .. I am day 7 cold turkey giving up smokes, and TRYING to stick to Cohen's, down 6 kg's so I am over the moon with the result for the month , but the munchies in the middle of the night I need to get a hold of.. I am blaming the Quitting smoking .. worst thing is i would love a cigarette .. none of this is easy but no way do i want to put on any more weight going through this ordeal ... I love this hollow space ... A place where I can come and whinge, whine LOL :)

Kohinoor 02-10-2018 18:24

Re: Jessy Take 10
Hi Jessy,

I am still plugging away ... not with as much stealth .. I am day 7 cold turkey giving up smokes, and TRYING to stick to Cohen's, down 6 kg's so I am over the moon with the result for the month
Wow - aren't you a wee champ !! Giving up smokes too? Wow again....


Sounds like September's start is progressing well, so good on you. Have you arrived at the "zone" yet? Or is the smokes craving keeping the zone at bay?

I am closing on 4 years smoke-free - wife and I both gave up after she arrived in hospital with penumonia early in 2015. I was already on Champix - it was helping me and it seemed to remove much of the mental "need" for a smoke. So, if you were wanting a bit of help, I can say Champix worked for me. I had already cut way down when wife decided she wasn't going to smoke any more, so that helped me to finally cut them for good. With her smoking while I tried to give up it was harder than ever as the tobacco smell was always in the house, so once she quit I did too - off Champix and all.

One thing we did do was to leave an opened pack of ciggies on the fridge - they were for if "we wanted one". So, we weren't grieving for "something we no longer had" as they were there - we just chose NOT to have one. We threw the packet out 18 months later..... still nearly full, but the ciggies within were rather sad-looking :(

Good luck as you fight the good fight - and power to your arm,


jessy 04-10-2018 11:46

Re: Jessy Take 10
Thanks Koh.. I feel like I am on the straight and narrow with the smoking... day 9 smoke free and life is feeling like its getting back to normal, feeling good...

On plan , but the weight is not coming off... i think it might be because of the trauma of quitting smoking the body is still trying to re adjust , or maybe it has thrown my hormones fully out of whack .. either way i am staying on plan, no need to go in any other direction .. it will all come together in the end ..

Stay strong every one . :)

Winterboots 05-10-2018 05:36

Re: Jessy Take 10
Wow Jessy you are doing fantastic - giving up smoking plus Cohens - well done and how fantastic you are going to feel in a few weeks time, let alone the extra $$$'s you will now be able to spend on treating yourself.

Wishing you a stress free weekend.


jessy 09-10-2018 14:53

Re: Jessy Take 10
Hi Winter Boots thanks for dropping by ..

Plodding along happily on plan .. weight SLOWLY ever so slowly coming will work out OK at least its heading in the right direction LOL ... Before i would drop fast and put it on fast hopefully if i drop slow will it go back on slowly ... now here is hoping ...

The forum is so quiet !!! Lots of visitors but no contributors ... a bit Sad really ... Any Way All the best people : )

jessy 11-10-2018 01:25

Re: Jessy Take 10
My Dilemma ... Why is the weight really not coming off in a normal timely Cohens manner.. So I pulled out the plan again ( I just use a photo copied Meal planner on the fridge ) and had a good look at it again... In the bin went the Whole Egg mayonnaise.. I know its not on plan ... but it is so yummy.:koh2:

re looked at my eating times.. missing meals , water intake , diet soda intake ... multi vitamins... see how it goes now... My way wasn't working cutting only a few little corners... back to the hard core Cohen's Plan... hopefully the weight starts peeling off... :) ( AGAIN !! ) 8-)

Winterboots 11-10-2018 07:06

Re: Jessy Take 10
HI Jessy, yes - for the weight to come off as it did before, then you need to be 100% true to plan - times, food, water etc. I have stopped using mayo totally as a teaspoon wasnt enough hence I would add a little more. I know from reading diaries that even brands of curry powder can make a difference however I was never a great curry fan so wasn't a problem for me but if you do like to add curry powder, then maybe find the thread on it to make sure your brand is compliant.

I am taking to the slow route - with trying to be lighter each Saturday morning, even by just a few 100gms makes me happy however I need to work on the fact that it takes me until Thursday until I get back to the previous Saturday :o
hence I need to get my weekends under control.

Sending you positive weight reducing vibes

jessy 12-10-2018 13:43

Re: Jessy Take 10
And Cohen's is working its magic again ... Sorted my eating times out around work and sleep... water intake up ... no Whole egg mayo... no mayo at all ( Thanks WB ) just salad dressing and the weight is dropping again :) Maybe 5 weeks to be back in the 60's... that's a realistic projection... ODAAT ... :)

jessy 14-10-2018 17:37

Re: Jessy Take 10
Happy Happy 7 kg's gone ... next big milestone is in 3 kg's to be under 75 .. Right on plan .. back on the bus I think this time for the entire trip back to the mid 60's ... Keep on people :)

Winterboots 15-10-2018 19:26

Re: Jessy Take 10
Yay Jessy, fantastic effort - I'm sure those 3kgs will be gone in no time.

jessy 16-10-2018 17:05

Re: Jessy Take 10
I have decided the best meal of my day is the afternoon snack ... microwaved apple, little water with cinnamon .. Its just so good... why don't i eat this when i am not on plan !!!

Winterboots 17-10-2018 07:01

Re: Jessy Take 10
I have never tried it. Do you cut/slice the apple up before you microwave? This could be a nice way to finish the day for me.

I have just planted four apple trees - I know it is a bit late in the season for this year so roll on next year (though not sure how i will get through all those apples on my 2 fruit allowance) :)

Tuti 17-10-2018 11:22

Re: Jessy Take 10
That sounds good Jessy. I remember having something similar from my last time doing Cohens. I think I also added a bit of sprite as well.

jessy 20-10-2018 15:10

Re: Jessy Take 10
Still here plodding along .. just lost my post internet dropped out... hopefully this one makes it up ... down to 76.7 so nearly 10 kg's looked back through previous journal weights and measurements and I can vary from 0.7 kg to 2.5 kg's in a week ... I thought that was a helpful reminder that really I don't have a set weekly average and will lose at the rate the body is willing to happily convert the fat cells..

I can clearly see my figure changing.. which is nice..

My food is the same every day ... I cant be bothered for variety.. Tuna salad lunch and dinner , egg mushroom meal 1 , apple cinnamon evening snack...

Kohinoor 20-10-2018 16:12

Re: Jessy Take 10
Hi Jessy,

I thought that was a helpful reminder that really I don't have a set weekly average and will lose at the rate the body is willing to happily convert the fat cells..
Good reminder for others too - I've often read where someone might have one really low weightloss week in a month - usually when the body does a bit of "catchup" and readjusts the lesser amount of fat (and allows one to drop a size).

For most though, the average loss over a month (or a m4nth - a 4week month) becomes somewhat similar (except for the first month, which is usually a boomer).

Weekly losses though are something else, as you reminded us. Guess why Doc Cohen says "weigh monthly" !! :p

For those of you who can handle it, weigh weekly, and even daily - the results help us to gain more knowledge and lead us to useful posts like this one:-

AJ was one who treated the Cohens Plan like a science experiment, thus she weighed daily. The good point in the link above is that, if you click on the thumbnail, the chart opens up into a large readable image. From there, you can see where she lost NOTHING in a week from time to time, but overall, and viewed from afar, the line appears to be pretty straight down after the first month. (Note - the purple line is her daily weight reading - the dark blue line is a trend line added later).

Look at the week straddling 16 May 2008 - shows on the chart as 5/16/2008 - as one example of a "no-loss week". Each grid square is one week, and there are 7 purple dots within each square.


jessy 21-10-2018 01:31

Re: Jessy Take 10
Thanks Koh , I am a daily weigh-er.. it keeps the journey and struggle real, and keeps me on track when tempted through out the day ..

I am working ATM at a Gas Station ( Service Station ) cooking bai-marie ? deep fried food, serving it ... the shop is FULL of bright colored Chips , Chocolate , Health Bars ...You know all the good stuff.

My body will lose weight in a slight drop then hold off.. and keep going like that i always thought to let the skin tighten up .... also it must take some effort to process the fats back into energy ..

jessy 29-10-2018 12:43

Re: Jessy Take 10
It has been nine days since my last ... still on plan as best as can be, down to a flat 75.0 kg's today.. the weight dropped into the 75's last week then bounced up and down like a ball being dropped from a height before settling today flat on 75.0...

I need to keep on going and really need to remind my self when I get back to re feed that this time around wasn't a walk in the park and every kilo lost was hard won...

Hopefully tomorrow into the the 74's next goal in back to the 60's !!! :mango:

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