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Kohinoor 02-11-2019 10:14

What do you want?
Perhaps that should read "What do YOU want?"

Going back 2 months or so, I had to contact Asy to rejuvenate the forum space - it had become unreachable - some hostname expiration or something... she sorted it, but maybe it put the scares up people, thinking NewYou was "going away".

Anyways, Asy sorted that, and yet, in the time since then, it seems everyone has deserted the place. Isn't anyone losing weight any more? Or is this space "Not doing it for you now?"


What is it? What do YOU want to see on here? I am still around - I can't answer for anyone else (and I might now be talking to myself - I dunno) but I'd love to hear from YOU.

Post to me below to share your thoughts on what was once a go-ahead, happy, supportive, Cohen-inspired, place to bask - or vent. Let's get it back to that again. I can't do it on my own though - I need YOU !!!

Hope to hear from you all soon,

Kohinoor 22-10-2021 12:47

Re: What do you want?
Hello !! .... ello ..... llo......

Damn echoes !!

Hmm, quiet in here. OK, please reread the earlier post, and respond !! It's important. Thanks,
Koh :D

Ms. Jiggles 22-10-2021 14:42

Re: What do you want?
Hello! I see you in here! Wish the old regulars such as yourself would check in sometimes!!

Kohinoor 02-01-2022 09:22

Re: What do you want?
Hi Miss J,
Well, here I am - hard to respond when there is no-one to respond to though.

How are you going? What brings you back? Are you still maintaining, having any probs with same, or are you just wanting to catch up with earlier friends? What's happening with you?

BTW, I am here pretty much daily - just once a day, when I respond to whomever has posted, so leave me a message and I'll get back to you next day or so.

Koh :D

blondetastic 02-02-2022 21:58

Re: What do you want?
Hopefully as the new year gets underway, people might start returning, or some newbies join up. I personally think this space is amazing which is why I have returned. It honestly just needs people, I can't think of anything really that I need from the forums which isn't already offered. There's tons of information, plenty of diaries to read through and an avenue just to track, vent, reflect etc among a tribe who get it. Personally I feel I have done this program so many times, and maybe too long (keeping in mind it's meant to be short term). I know my old program works. My resolve ebbs and flows. That's only something I can rectify. It means dedicating time to reading the supportive advice, tips and inspirations found in the forum and contributing what I can. Thanks for asking the question.

Kohinoor 05-02-2022 09:12

Re: What do you want?
Hi BT,
Good to hear, and thanks for adding your thoughts. Also good to see that you and Kristine are getting it together once more to re-do your Plan and bring you both back into your desired places.

By the way, are you familiar with the (more recent) learnings re Resets and the trap that can befall folk who cut out carbs for a long period? If yes, then great - perhaps re-read it to be sure of yourself once in Maintenance. And in case you haven't seen it, here's the link:-

Koh :D

blondetastic 07-02-2022 11:13

Re: What do you want?
That thread is helpful. I have never started refeed, though I could have and should have every time. More about that in my diary. This time, I need to do refeed at the right time, and that information is going to be useful. I feel I likely would have been impacted negatively without it at refeed.

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