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hanna.ferri 04-07-2022 20:51

Hi everyone
Hi everyone my name is Hanna Ferri, one of my friends recommended to me dr cohen's diet, then when I search about this diet I found your forum and I thought myself is a good place to find more information for this diet so I decided to register.

Kohinoor 05-07-2022 13:44

Re: Hi everyone
Hi Hanna,
Welcome aboard. For sure, this is a good place to find answers to many questions about Dr Cohen and his Eating Plan. If I may suggest a few places, try Koh's Classics as a place to find all kinds of useful information. I tried to select the very best data for that area of the forum.

Also of course, the discussion forums are very good too. I hope you find what you are wanting to see. If you wish to put a question in here, I may be able to point you to your answer.

Koh :D

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