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carrieanne_c 22-04-2021 06:19

Chicken: Complete Meal-Soup- Salad-Protein-Side-Dessert
NYF Cohen's Recipe
Main Protein
Recipe Name:
Mediterranean Complete Meal
Recipe Description
A real meal, comprising as a soup for starter,
green salad, dilled cauliflower as side dishes,1 cracker, and apple as dessert. :) I have a foto in PDF but acct. manager won't let me submit.
Set aside 10% of meal's veg allowance for soup. I used celery, onion, and tomato + seasonings.

The green salad I used that fluffy lettuce that is purple and green. Cauliflower with dill sprinkles. I used those both to spend the rest of my veg allowance.

The chicken recipe is a variation of the Tangy Chicken Recipe by Cumulus Inc.

The apple is a roasted half apple and the cracker is a cracker.
For the soup I found a 175 ml cup and put the 10%veg allowance(I used tomato,onion and celery) in it with salt and seasonings. I chose cumin,salt,pepper, thyme,basil. I filled up cup half full of water. I microwaved for 2 minutes then added more water and nuked another minute. Then set aside while I prepared the tangy chicken without the mushrooms. I sprinkled dill on fresh cauliflower with a couple teaspoons of sprite. I microwaved for 1.30secs.
Level of Difficulty
Time Needed
20 minutes
1 meal
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