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sundaymorningstaple 12-12-2009 01:42

A Cohens creed perhaps.... DO read this !!
Koh here - SMS (SundayMorningStaple) made this very worthwhile post in answering someone who wondered why they couldn't eat broccoli while on Plan. Such a simple question - but it brought THIS reply, which deserves a place stapled to everyone's Plan, or on their fridge.

I've changed the title, as I see the following to be pretty much a "Creed to live by" while doing Cohens. Another possible title could be "Why is the Eating Plan so strict?" (in foods, quantites, etc).

Top work, SMS - and thank you so much. (BTW, I have "tailored" the original to highlight some things) - Koh out... Here's SMS...

This programme demands 100% blind acceptance. The first thing you have to realize is that the good Dr. Cohen has devised a lifestyle programme where the weightloss portion is not the goal but the means. That's right. The goal is not losing weight.

The goal is getting your body back to a healthy state and reprogramming your HGH so that you can change your eating habits, which were unhealthy, to a healthy one.

In the process of the reprogramming, he takes your body back as quickly and healthily as he can. But to do so requires careful study of the foods and their chemical makeups.

Tomatoes contain certain chemicals & sugars that, while okay, require that you use only medium tomatoes as they will contain no more than what his programme can handle. If you use small tomatoes (like cherry or those small elongated ones), they contain the same quantities of the detrimental chemicals as a medium normal tomato so if you eat two of those you are getting 2x the chemical dosage than what is allowable.

Same goes for the chemical contents of Yellow or Red Capsicum, the chemical dosage is heavier than the green ones. Certain fish contain more oils that are harder to digest than others.

While vegetables are good for you, except for those which are grown beneath the soil (starches), some contain chemicals/minerals that slow down or cause hunger, so therefore Dr. Cohen does not allow them as they interfere with his fine balance that lets you lose weight at maximum rate WITHOUT feeling hunger. It is for this reason the programme is so strict.

You have heard it said many times when researching this programme, that "Your food is your medicine" correct? Now, when you go to your local doctor and he prescribes a course of medication, you follow it to the "T" correct? And, you don't question his judgment either.

So what is the difference? Please remember, Dr. Cohen is not a PhD doctor but a REAL MD type (Cardiologist) who has spent 27 years studing obesity and fertility and how to reduce overweight women to enable them to conceive. You also have to follow this prescription to a "T". Think about it. everything you consume on the course of this programme is weighed DOWN TO THE GRAM! It's that important.

And, from one who knows, it's well worth it. Today I jumped on the scales almost 18 months since finishing the programme and I weigh all of 1.5 kg above my finish weight and 1.5 kg below the top of my range. :D


(Here's the link....)

Kohinoor 08-05-2012 17:13

Re: A Cohens creed perhaps.... DO read this !!
Bumpity-bump !!! ;)

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