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Default Re: Sleeping; What's ok & what's not ok?

Your friend's idea is great, Nothing much you can do about getting to bed late once or twice a week, ya gotta have a life...

If you do get to bed that late, it's a great idea to get up and have your meal then get a few more hours, otherwise you'll throw your whole day out of whack. Still, if you don't mind getting to bed late the second day because you're food regime is out, (if you wake up at midday, the earliest you will get to bed that day will be about 11pm...

With regard to eating after 9pm, I believe you need to triage your activities, in order of importance thus:

  1. Eat all meals set, in the exact quantities set.
  2. Eat meals 5 hours apart (minimum)
  3. Eat last meal prior to 9pm
  4. Don't go to bed until 2 hours after last meal.

What this means is that it's FAR more important to eat all meals than to not eat after 9pm, so if you have no other choice, and it's 10pm, EAT YOUR DINNER.

Then, if you are tired, don't wait the 2 hours, but go to bed. The sleep will do you more good than the wait.

Hope this makes sense.


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