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Default Waterwise Challenge - 30th Jan to 12th Feb 2012

Hi all you waterwise challengers

Its is that time again to claim your waterwise sig picture if you were waterwise for the fortnight and to begin a new challenge for this fortnight. .... (please check in on MONDAY)

Remember if you were in the previous forntnights challenge, please check in (on monday) to claim your sig picture so i know u still want to participate in the challenges.

click the link to go to the rules and it explains how to add the waterwise pic to ur sig

Remember our motto "Water is my new best friend, the MORE I drink, the MORE I shrink" (but please do NOT go overboard with the water)

Please register for this challenge on or before thursday 2nd Feb 2012 or you will have to wait for the next one.

To register just post with how much water you intend to drink per day for the duration of the challenge. You also must have drunk you amount of water from the 30th Jan..

Cobie_lee -3L
Winterboots - 3L
Myf - 2L

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