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Default Re: Tips for managing negative feelings (frustration, discouragement, etc.)


First of all a huge congrats on doing so so well on your journey!! You are an inspiration to so many reading your post!!!!

What I do is to try not to think how long it will take me to get there, although I ofcourse have a time-line in my head As this is my second time here, I'm trying to more and more focus on learning and respecting my body. The weight will come off when it comes off, when following the program 100% there really is not much else you can do. And every day I think just how much better I am than what I was yesterday. I don't need the weight to go down or loose centimetres every day, I just need to know that every day I've given it everything I can. Every day I'm healthier than what I was yesterday. The biggest challenge will be keeping it off once you've reached your goal, use this time now to learn about yourself and your attitude towards food, make it a lifetime commitment rather than just focusing on the goal weight

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