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Good morning and Happy easter!!!

it seems I am the only one to post in matter....join in if you want or read away too, I am not bothered.
The Easter bunny was kind to me this morning, he left me a great coffee mug and a little 50g bunny that he bught for me before I made the decision to go back on plan. I would include a thumbnail pic in this post if I knew how....any tips??
The chocolate bunny is the perfect Cohens size for maintenance guidelines and it can hibernate in my chest freezer until I decide a time during my second phase of maintenance to enjoy it.

No harm in waiting.

I was thinking about OP today, and decided to consider it as a total blessing, my life has changed quite significantly in the last couple of months, cue the bad eating and sleepless nights, as I find it hard to adjust to change.

But anyway....I thought about it and now consider my OP to be my saving grace, I look back over my time on OP last year and yes I did have stressful things happen and yes I did get bored and yes there were birthday cakes and alcoholic drinks being consumed around me but I never deviated from my plan.
It was my "sure thing" in uncertain times, I didn't have to think too much about it, it was just food (tasted amazing) but food nonetheless.
It wasn't my comforter, it wasn't my entertainment, it wasn't my "dutch courage" it was just food.
Being on plan meant I only had to plan out whatever it said on paper, it gave me structure on those stressful days...all I had to know was, was it M2 or M3 for dinner tonight?


I look forward to getting this back as I learn to be kind to myself in the midst of all the change I am going through right now, and learning about me as a person's hard to re-discover this after many years of being just a wife and mother!

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