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Hi everyone!!

Yay girls...I know only too well the disappointment of biting into what seems like a glorious, delicious juicy apple only to have the slide rather than the snap of the flesh between your teeth

Hayley - I hope you get some A grade NZ apples soon...and that they are as good as you remember - if not even better!!

Lani - n chips are hard to give away in those weak moments....we only have then once every 4-6 weeks so when that time comes around (like it did when I was OP last year) I would sit in my room with a favourite magazine and an apple as my treat instead of watching (and smelling) the fish n chip meal my family were having!!

Nicole - yay girl!!! glad to have you back...CD had some tasty braeburns....I need to get some more, may visit NW just to see their offerings too seeing as I'm day 1 too!!

Michelle - oh I know about making those fruit slots count....that's why i could never go a mandarin for a fruit slot. The ones we normally get here in NZ are tiny, like 1/4 to 1/3 the size of an apple...oh no that would never do for OP. Apples all the way, and at a push, oranges. I am very jealous with my fruits when OP!!!

KOh - thank you very much for guiding me with the insert photo thingy...I will go and have a play around xoxo

Life is wonderful - health is even better!

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