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My NYF Diary

Hey ej....

Slim goes to the salon, I do my own, I have the shellac colours, top and base coat, the curing lamp etc.

Out of all the stuff you'd put on your nails it is far and above the most gentle on your nails, there are no bonders or primers that you put on your nails to bind the shellac to you nails so you're not flooding your nails with chemicals like acrylics do.

It's hard as a rock, no chips, peeling, cracking etc etc, and really, my nails have gone from strength to strength quite literally with shellac. They don't have that flaky and brittle softness that happens when you remove acrylics etc.

I totally love the stuff, I would do a slim and pay someone too if I had the money to maintain that. It's a bit extra effort to do my own but I know what I'm putting on my nails, and I shape them however I like. I take my time and do it properly, so it lasts for weeks, many more than they advertise. The main reason I change it is that I get sick of the colour and I like a change!! You'll love it ej, go the neon colours!!
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