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Default Re: Forget "weightloss" - some Classics are classic for far deeper reasons

I KNEW I had posted this (and thought I'd done it "here in the Classics" - but I hadn't, so, having re-discovered it, here's a classic from a local lad).

Originally Posted by Kohinoor
I wanted to share a recent finding I stumbled over.... but keep a box of tissues handy.... I found this story powerful, and very emotional

Read the section titled "Rain from Nowhere" - talk about "the power of a touch, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring"...
A classic thought/story can often add light, inspiration, or solace!! THIS one has an impact - I won't even attempt to quantify quite what it conveys - far better that you simply read it, and make of it what you will..... It is worth the effort


PS Nothing like a classic to have us think "We're not doing so bad after all...." (we could mean you/me, or humankind, depending)
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