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My NYF Diary
Default Ideas for Motivation.......

Here follows a link to a five-year-old post that is as relevant today as it was back then !! Most today won't even know the names of some of the posters.

It may help those who REALLY DO want to search for extra Motivation (despite the earlier post that said "You don't need it...." - we ALL get a buzz from Motivation when it is available - so here goes...)

As often happens, the introductory post re "Motivational Ideas" then led to a huge "Question and Answer" session in the thread that holds a range of great input from a large number of Cohenites, both new, and more experienced. Enjoy !!

Every day, new people have to learn those same things that most others who have completed Cohens already know. There's no shame in that either - because "We really don't know what we don't know yet!"

That phrase is as true in MY life today (in my 60's) as it ever was !! Even today I find new things that I had never fully comprehended in earlier years !! But hey, that's OK - I'll continue to learn from these.....

I won't be beating myself up about "What I didn't know" - I guess, like all of you, I just have to get on with it, with my new-found knowledge.....

Same on Cohens - take it and run with it.....

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