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Default Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)

Hi all,

Post #8 said it for early 2012. Here we are again in early 2013, and bookings are once again very light. You can pretty much pick your dates through Feb/Mar (except Easter - that has already been taken).

We are about to hit our "slow time" following a great occupancy rate in late Spring and early Summer. This means YOU can pick a date in Feb/Mar for a gorgeous discount (and extra gorgeous if booking a midweek stay).

PM me for any enquiry/booking - as mentioned earlier, a booking made via the link in Post #1 will cost me 10% extra, so that is 10% I couldn't then discount to YOU.

And WHY should you consider a stay up there? Several reasons :-

1. Right now, the weather in Brisbane is set to "bloody hot" - with most days ranging from 32 to 36+ degrees. Add in the high humidity, and you have the makings of stunned mullet weather. So take yourself off and enjoy days with peaks of 26 to 30 degrees instead.

2. Enjoy the variety of birds that come to your door (we supply birdseed), and marvel at the pademelons (a tiny wallaby that stands only ~50 cm high when adult) that bound around our place - in and out of the shrubbery.

3. Marvel at the serenity that exists up here. The greenery, the wildlife and the freshness of the air have to be experienced. The accommodation is pretty spesh too...... (see the link in post #1)

4. Help us to fill a gap in our cashflow so that we might keep this place and share it with all for many more years to come. You'll still get a lovely discount as before. It is better for us to keep it filled than to keep it empty !!

It's a tough time of year for many - Christmas has loaded up the credit cards, and "back to school" costs hurt too. I understand... So let me help by offering a discount that will tempt you to "come up here and kick back". I'm standing by with my order book....

You'll love it
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