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Default Re: Who's wanting a Holiday? ;)

Hi all,

Your luck is in..... We have had a last-minute cancellation which leaves this weekend, and next, AVAILABLE !!

Anzac weekend has been taken (Winterboots snaffled that some weeks back ), and there are still some May weekends available too.

June and July are already starting to fill up as people book their "Christmas in July" timeslots.

To see what timeslots are available, do click here (and go to bottom of page):-

Help us to keep this marvellous place open and available. We love sharing it with the world, but times (economically) are tightening up for us.

While on that, if anyone in the Brissie area hears of a Company that could do with the services of a reliable older person (done many things, have driver's licence, IT background, love driving, people, is reliable, trustworthy, etc.) either full or part time, please send me a PM.

Or maybe you hear of someone who is wanting to purchase a business that has been getting a high percentage of return customers in the Holiday Accommodation arena. I'd hate to sell, but hey, we do what we have to, eh?

Our customer comments left in the guest book often say "We'll be back!" - and many of them do just that. Why not? It is such a breath of fresh air up here.

For now though, who is wanting a weekend (or even a week) in paradise in April/May? How about you?

Just a big happy hushpuppy
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