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Default Revelations continued - courtesy of Trips

Trips has always "spoken well" - this is a post that sang to me when she posted it. Has to be a Classic - it deserves to be there so it can help others.

I particularly loved this bit :-

Originally Posted by Trips
If I remain fixated in the struggle, if I constantly see each day as a battle with the fridge, if I continually weigh myself and center on these activities, I lose sight of the fact that what I'm really doing is just following a healthy lifestyle plan. I'm just taking care of me better.

I find that this plan then becomes alot easier, and I have more energy for other things in my life. To think, I'm even working 2 days a week now! That is liberating, and rewarding and shows me that life doesnt have to be all about food. Food is a necessity. It's not a reward.

But there is SO much more - so go on, click the link,

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