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Talking Waterwise Challenge Monday 4th October to Sunday 17th October

Hi everyone this challenge is a little late but is now underway! I have added everyone from the previous challenge but the next one we will start the list again, if you need a litreage changed or you are not on the list let me know and I will update!

Calling all Waterwisers!

Time to collect your Waterwise Icons for last fortnights challenge and congratulations to those who made it through. If you didn't quite get there........try again in this challenge .......... if you haven't done a challenge yet start with this one!

For the fine print click on the link to see the rules and it also explains how to add the waterwise icon to your signature.

And remember the motto "Water is my new best friend, the MORE I drink, the MORE I shrink"

Remember any fruit additives to your water eg lemon come out of your allowance!

And the challengers for this fortnight are:
C-JAYE 3.0
Yaja 2.5
cathbug 2.5
forfreddie 2.5
wellfit 2.5
sammie 3.0
WSM 3.0
Panda 3.0
Daisychain 3.0
Kirst 2.5
This time 2.5
Never give up 2.5
Nelson Bride
Katriana 2
Skinnyminnie 2.5
Wendym1221 2.0
Joy Joy 3.0
AilsaQ 2.5

[SIZE=1]Goals <100; <95; <90; <85; 81.5 halfway <80; <75; <70; <65; GOAL!! :

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