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Default Re: Weight of extra skin

Hi Fluffy

Firstly - well done on your incredible weightloss journey! 62kg is a whole person that you have 'lost'!

Secondly - I can understand that you must be getting eager to get all of this over with now, but I suspect that you 'only lost 1kg' in the past month because your body is reshaping. I've often heard of Cohenites' skin that continue to reshape and bounce back into place up to a year into maintenance.

You will have to let your clinic help you with that. It is quite possible that you've already reached refeed-weight, and that your excess skin is 2 - 6kg's, so you may very well be refeed-able, but you will really need to discuss with your clinic. Also, having surgery (anesthetics) will also affect your plan, so it is imperative that you discuss this with your clinic. I've also heard in very rare cases, that the doctor/clinic allows some people to do a mini-refeed when they need to interrupt their plan for a short while, and then continue if it proves to be necessary.

Good luck though, and do let us know how it all turns out!
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