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Default Re: Research about Dr Cohen's diets?

I agree with everything that has been said but I say -

Question away - what does it hurt-

However why not question while doing the "Preparing for Cohens" suggestions - eg no grog, low carbs and up the water. Surely that can't possibly hurt you in the long term.

My two cents worth is also that your skin doesn't necessarily retract as much as you might hope - for me in my tummy in particular. That is getting fixed shortly.

Would I change myself one year after refeed and perfect results from a very comprehensive blood test from the gp - NO
Will I regret it in 10 years time - I don't think so. How can I regret losing the label "pre diabetic"

I am a believer in freedom of infomation, your rights to question and be heard. You need to be in the right head space for the plan and if research gets you there - then well done.

I really hope you give it a go and jump right in. We are a supportive bunch here and will respect whatever decision you make -

THe Best things in life are worth taking a little risk for.

Have you talked it through with a partner or family? What are their thoughts.

Best of luck -



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