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Default Re: 10kgs in 6 weeks challenge: Thurs 29th April -------> Thurs 10th June

I am back from my appendicitis episode and I could not believe that when I weighed myself (after a couple of weeks of cohens) I weighed 300gms less... what the? Maybe I just had a heavy appendix haha

I have been reading everyones posts and CONGRATULATIONS you all did fantastically well, everyone should be very proud of themselves!!

I am pretty happy at the moment, I am back on the program and am happy to report that I have now lost a total of 10.3kg! yay, so excited about that, only a few more to go until refeed!!

Once again, well done everyone!

Goal 1 - to be a 60's girl DONE! 17.4.2010 - 69.9kg
Goal 2 - 66kg DONE! 9.5.2010 65.8kg
Goal 3 - 63kg DONE! 13.6.2010 63.3kg