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Default Re: Donzie 2.0 in 2020

Week 7 Day 5 (Size 13)

This week Iíve been wearing my size 13 jeans. How nice it is to be able to slip these babies on without cutting off the blood supply to my lower half. In fact everything I put on is looser and looking better than it has in quite some time. This makes me happy, very happy.

Actually I would go one further and say, I am happy, very happy with everyone and everything generally. Which is no easy feat given all the doom, gloom and fear pouring out of the newspapers lately. My rose coloured glasses are firmly in place and I feel in the flow with the universe. Yep, not even a global pandemic can kill my Cohenís buzz. How good is that.

(Hubby is quick to point out my Cohenís buzz will definitely be threatened if there is a national coffee shortage next after the toilet paper shortage, hmm.. he knows how to push my buttons. Hadnít even thought about that one.)

I am also brimming with energy. Iím sleeping well (and in bed earlier than my usual) and the result is my productivity has soared this week. Work has flowed in at a slower and more manageable rate which has seen me find time to knock over some much overdue housework. Iíve mopped floors, steamed off grubby little finger prints from walls and even cleaned the oven and windows. You know youíve got your act together when your cleaning your windows as itís always one of the last jobs on the to-do list, isnít it? Anyway, all these things combined have contributed to my happy state of wellbeing, and Iím going to milk it while I can.

The only problem I see on the horizon (apart from global pandemic and economic depression) is the social occasions coming up. There are birthdays, restaurant invites and now a wedding all presenting in the next 8 weeks. While it is lovely to be thought of and invited to these events, they do threaten to unhinge one being deep in the zone. Anyway, the birthdays arenít too much of an issue as they are for family, the wedding happens in my week 16 (I could make this my finishing treat) but the restaurant invite, hmmm...well, I could pull the ďmild coughĒ card and need to self isolate excuse? What better time?

I still have no idea of what I weigh or how much I have lost. But I know it is working as intended because life is just feeling that little bit easier physically, mentally and emotionally. Iím more aware of all the blessings that surround me, and of course the more you notice the more they flow into your experience, I believe.

I also believe while the world is a little crazy right now, things will return to normal eventually. In the mean time I going to try and enjoy the lower petrol prices and interest rates, and leave the worrying to others. Provided we all act to slow down this virus and allow medical services to focus more on those who are really in need. We should all be ok. I hope so.

Till next time,

Donzie. X

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