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Week 12 Day 7 (Size 12 still)

Today is the last day of my week 12. How good it feels to have gotten this far as it looked like an eternity away when I first began. I think for most people 12 weeks on the EP usually means between 15 - 20 kgs down and I am no exception (if I was a betting woman Iíd put money on 18kgs down for me at this time) but I donít know for sure having avoided the scale completely.

What has happened in the absence of the scale is I find myself guessimating my weight through the various clothes I can now get into. When I did Cohenís the last time I bought a pair of Levi jeans when I was 74.9kgs I remember they were quite tight initially but got very loose towards the end. Well today I can get into those jeans but they are far from loose, hence I reckon Iím around the 75kg mark now.

As I lost further weight last time I made other jeans purchases so I am now using these as my roadmap. Which in the end I think is a better metric to go by than the scales both on the way down and the way up (maintenance). If I can associate different articles of clothing with different kilo amounts I should be able to keep a reasonable tab on how Iím tracking without falling into the Ďobsessive scale observationí (OSO) habit.

I donít think Iíve lost a lot in the last couple of weeks. Iíve been good and had no deviations. Nope, just think Iíve hit one of those plateaus we hear about in other diaries. Iím not too bothered about it as I have not been overly hungry and am finding the EP routine relatively easy at present. I do wonder if I will need to stay the course a little longer though than my initial intentions of 16 weeks? Perhaps 18 -20 weeks might be a more realistic time frame? Anyway, will take it a day at a time, what else can you do.

Size 12 is actually my happy place. I feel like itís a nice balance between looking good in clothes and still looking nice and round in the face. But I will continue on and see how I feel another 5 kgs down. It would seem like a waste of this time in social isolation to not use it constructively and stay on the EP. Not to mention it is so much fun to feel your clothes getting a little looser each day until they need to be replaced with a smaller size. Small things I know. I just need the routine, control and personal satisfaction that comes with the EP at this time.

Work from home and homeschooling doesnít make for a productive week. Try asking a 6yo to watch a video from their teacher and follow her instructions while Mummy answers emails. You get approximately 2 minutes of attention from them before they are crawling around under their chair, refusing to do any more work without your help.

My 11yo is a bit better fortunately, he appears to love the idea of having meetings he must attend online, but often runs out of puff when it comes to doing the actual work and submitting it.

He had a fractions test today. Hubby and I were horrified to learn he didnít have the first clue about fractions. I mean we could have been talking in a foreign language for all the sense it made to him.

We later learnt after a concerned phone call to the teacher thatís because they havenít actually learnt fractions yet, she was just checking to see who knew nothing, a little and who needs extending. That was a relief, we donít need an emergency Maths tutor just yet. Communication can quickly go astray in these strange times.

But there is nothing else to do than plough on and hope like hell we donít traumatise the kids too much with our less than ideal teaching skills. There is a slight glimmer of hope that school may resume in about 3-4 weeks if the virus is able to be contained and community transfer is halted. Fingers and toes, fingers and toes.

Till next time,
Donzie. X

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