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Week 15 Day 2 (Size 10)

Still here plodding along at home. The days feel like they are just blending into each other, and the weeks are ticking over quickly. I am grateful to have this diary to help mark the passing time and note the small changes as they occur. I think the real value of this diary is when I read it in the future at another time when Iím wanting to shed a few(or alot)kgs. This journey is really all about the passage of time and going the distance. It can be difficult time if you focus on everything you are doing without, or it can be easy time, focusing on the things you are gaining. Iím trying hard to let it be the latter.

There is one time in the day that is deeply satisfying for me. Itís that time when I go to bed. I have a slightly lemony taste in my mouth, itís an after taste from my apple (dessert). It tells me I have been successful today, that lemony, slightly astringent taste. I seek it out each night now ďdo i have that taste in my mouth, yes I do!Ē It tells me Iíve won today. I love that taste.

After a couple of weeks feeling like my weight hadnít shifted much, this week I have noted my clothes are again looser as centimetres have left my frame. Iím feeling good and happy with what I see in the mirror. Itís so nice to have a waist again and I have been wearing belts every chance I can.

Itís endlessly fascinating to me how the weight leaves my body. Initially it was all from my waist and middle, then hips, back, thighs, shoulders and lastly arms and calves. Obviously I know it reduces all over and not just these individual spots, but it does sometimes appear to me like it starts in the middle and radiates out. This is in complete contrast to how children grow. They seem to grow first in the extremities such as feet and hands, then cms appear in their calves/legs/forearms/arms then eventually torso. It should be noted I have no scientific proof of this, none, just a personal observation

So, Iíve been feeling a little more hungry of late. Iím not sure if itís a bit of diet fatigue setting in, or just self isolation monotony. Iím not really craving anything in particular and am happy with my Cohenís food list, just really looking forward to my next meal.

I havenít been very creative with my meals, the risk of making something I donít like much makes me stick with the same 2 or 3 recipes for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are always the same. Omlet with mushrooms and chicken salad for lunch. It occurs to me I have been dairy free this whole time. Suddenly I miss cheese! Perhaps I should have a cheese meal soon.

After trying on several smaller jeans I estimate Iím around the 72 - 73kg now. Getting close to that elusive 70kg mark. Most of twenties was spent around 70kg (I did a lot of jogging in those days) and itís a nice weight for my height of 170cms. Funny how in those days I was a definite size 12 (at 70kgs) today though itís a size 10. I do believe clothing sizes have increased significantly from those days.

So now my thoughts are focused on when will be a good time to start refeed. At this stage Iím thinking 1st of June for no good reason other than I should be just under 70kg by then. I donít feel pressure to go as low as I did last time (which was 65kg) as I was very thin by then and to be honest peopleís reactions were more negative than positive by that stage. Not that I really care about the opinions of others. But I donít feel l need to be ultra thin either, just a sensible weight that I have a fighting chance of maintaining would be good.

Isolation has been a godsend really with regard to doing Cohenís. On the television people are talking/joking about the COVID KILOS we will all need to lose when itís over. This makes me smile. Not me!

Till next time

Donzie. X

P.s. Thanks for popping into my diary Koh, BT and Jesse. Hope your all doing well.xx

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