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Default Re: Donzie 2.0 in 2020

Hi Donzie,
Some really good soul-searching going on there. I'd think you might do well by reading some of the diaries of those who have gone before (even your own? Did you make it right through a previous time?)

Re the "PIG", the girls in here talked of an incessant squabble between their IFC and ISC (Inner Fat Chick and the Skinny one). Like Glenn and his PIG, the shouting of IFC gets weaker and weaker over time.

Sure enough, Refeed and Maintenance are different - Refeed is more like a chemistry test (what happens if we mix a bit of this with the stuff that is known to be OK?) but you are the guinea pig. So long as you journal every change and beware of just what is happening, you'll likely cruize thru that and on into Maintenance.

The MAIN thing I heard re Maintenance is to "take baby steps". Or, if you like, keep the muzzle on your PIG. There isn't enough time in Refeed to test every possible food type, so Maintenance is the real test. It calls for a cool head and a determined soul. The shackles aren't off, but those that think they are become destined to fail. In Maintenance there are tricks that allow you to drink a little at a wedding or wherever, but (like chocolate) don't let it get out of hand. And yes, you can even eat "bad" food - but do it advisedly (i.e. don't binge - savour the taste critically - you may even find the yearning you had for it was misplaced, and you really DON'T want to eat it again). With Maintenance, I prefer you look at your path as "Trial and Feedback" (not "Trial and Error" - as it is not your error at all - it is feedback to let you know how a particular food-type has you react). So, try stuff - slowly and carefully, and build up a journal of knowledge re YOUR body.

A good topic to read once in Maintenance is this one (but there really are heaps more - this is one of MY faves):-

Good hard Donzie - you have walked a good path thru the Plan. Do check out Refeed guidelines SOON as you need to be ready to "add extra amounts as a trial" one day at a time - and that can take some careful planning ahead of time.

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