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Hi there,today is my 5th day of maintenance. The 1st three days i had binge eating, ate lots of cookies n cakes, eat out most of the time, din't drink 3L of water a day, eat lots of carbs, ice cream, cheese cake...gain 1.3kg when i weight my self on 4th day morning. Then i had a very bad stomach spasm on the 4th day, felt really bloated and lots of gas in stomach. Did reset on 4th day, ate yogurt and apple for breakfast, 2 crackers with cheese and an apple for lunch, then some chicken, mushroom,soup and vege for dinner, and keep on drinking water. This morning i weight my self, lost 1 kg!! i think i was eating too desperately the 1st few days, because is our festive season(chinese new year) and felt like wanted to eat and taste everything i have missed for 3 months. from now on i'll slow down, try to eat as cohen as possible and i feel much better now, not bloated and less stomach discomfort.
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