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Default Re: Welcome to maintenance

Since it has been awhile since anyone has written on this wall, I should! I have done the Cohen's diet, had great success. Best program that I have ever been on! I've lost 10kg's. Sitting on 60kg to 50kg. I am the lightest that I have ever been! I should have lost a bit more so that I could be on 49kg's but Xmas was around the corner and it was time to refeed otherwise I would suffer over the holidays.

I feel a bit depressed at the moment. Don't think refeed has taught me anything!! Especially starting my freedom right in the week of Christmas I had everything that is insight. It's been twee weeks now and my pants are sitting very tight! Thinking of course it would, I have been having carbs with every meal and dessert everyday. It's so hard visiting family over the holidays as you don't want to feel like an exception and not having all the lovely things for a couple of months, I just want to taste everything! I will be back home on Monday. I will go back on my program until I reach 47kg's and then do refeed again! At least this is the beginning of the new year and I do not have any plans for travels, it would give me some time to really work out what it is that my body needs and to create rules for myself. I just feel very confused as to what would be my normal diet program after refeed, as we do like to go out for dinner most of the time and it's so hard to figure out what to have and what not to have when you are not at home. I will write again soon on how I am doing. I have not had the chance yet to weight myself as there is no scale where I am at the moment. I'm really scared to hit the scale, knowing what its going to say!!!
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