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Default Re: What do you want?

Hi Miss J,
Well, here I am - hard to respond when there is no-one to respond to though.

How are you going? What brings you back? Are you still maintaining, having any probs with same, or are you just wanting to catch up with earlier friends? What's happening with you?

BTW, I am here pretty much daily - just once a day, when I respond to whomever has posted, so leave me a message and I'll get back to you next day or so.

Just a big happy hushpuppy
I haven't "done" Cohens - Asy knows me from way back - she invited me to "take a look" here - I did, loved it, and stayed...
And me? I'm a tall skinny-ish bloke (BMI ~25.5) and have been this way forever, so I haven't faced (weight-wise) what you all have !!
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