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Default Re: French toast yummy!!

Hi Bonnie

Thanks for this recipe

I whisked the egg, crumbled up the salada and kept coming back to it and squishing the mix a bit more every few minutes while I prepared some veg (mushroom, tomato and zucchini)

I cooked the veg a bit in the frypan under a tagine lid (bought a tagine over the weekend, great! Can hear the steam hitting the base so you know what's cooking, good looking!)

When the veg were coloured I pushed them to one side and poured in the pulpy egg mix.

Viola! Frittata!

Really enjoyed this - next time, will do apple and the 'toast' with cinnamon. May need to find an unsalted crispbread if adapting as a desert - have you tried this with a rice cake? (No, I haven't but may well do so!)

Thanks again. As you can see I didn't do 'French Toast' but I did a veg frittata which I would not have thought of doing if I hadn't read your recipe!


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