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It's been all good and I am hoping I can order my refeed in December. But for the past 2 weeks, I start to get hungry! I initially dismissed it as probably just cravings but when my stomach starts to churn and I feel lethargic, I think I am really hungry! I still stick to the program amidst the tummy growls but just wondering if this is a tell-tale sign that I am ready for refeed?

I'm 1.67m and the higher end of my goal weight is 62kg. However, I do have a history of big bones and large frames in the family (i was even overweight since i was borned! lol!) Scientifically will some people actually meet their 'lowest' weight earlier? I have not talked to my clinic cos 8kg is a bit too far off, but I was hoping to endure with this and maybe order mine at like 66-67kg? Doable?...

- Started Cohen's 21 July 08 - Refeed begins 8 Dec 08 - Looking forward to Backpacking Trip 30 Dec 08!
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