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Default Re: Christchurch ...... Keen to catch up ??

Poor Nicola just had to listen to me and Clairey ramble on about maintenance, and how bad we had been in the past. We also both admitted to over indulging in spice allowances, mayo allowances (when I do have it, it is often probably more than the teaspoon allowed) and dreaded Chewing gum addictions while on plan- although no one was as bad as me at that, and we all agreed it was better than deviating "properly".

Poor coffee culture only got three pots of peppermint tea out of us, and then had to kick us out so they could close! I do love meeting and chatting to Cohens people - I know it is a busy time of year, but we must all do it more often!

No Nutmeg, so I forgot to take pics for evidence! Useless! Claireybell is truly teeny tiny, and was very generous with the premiums.

Was a good time - we must all do it again sometime soon.
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