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Dada I have a big drop !! Finally down to 75.9kg's this morning .. But I changed up a few variables !

I was reading a lady's post on FB and she had dropped 27 Kg's in 12 weeks, it got me thinking I used to be a fast looser too... why wasn't I now, was it age ?? So not sure,I pulled out both of my programs and looked at the rates of document losses ... they where good

Mmn Ok

1) I got a bit slack with weighing my food using a standard weight that was slightly different to the Cohens guidelines just to make it simple.. Maybe the 5 or 10 g difference could make an impact

2) I changed my regular multivitamin to an expensive pharmacy brand and was taking selenium drops as well. I don't have an over active thyroid but thought it might help drop the weight. Where these too also stalling the weight loss ?? It has happened to me before so went back to the old tried, tested and trusted Cenovis Multi Vitamin

3) Cut the fruit portion. I didn't really need it. not Hungry enough to justify eating it.

I really think it was the multi vitamin and selenium drops

Onwards We GO

Get lots of sleep. Get sunshine. Laugh. Go outside and play. Avoid grains and sugar like the plague.
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