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Originally Posted by jessy View Post
Dada I have a big drop !! Finally down to 75.9kg's this morning .. But I changed up a few variables !

I really think it was the multi vitamin and selenium drops
Hey Jessy

Well done on the 600gm drop!

My personal pattern, once I get underway, is a drop each three days. Once I got my head around that and accepted it, I started to work with it and felt a lot more in control

Your observations about weighing rang a bell with me.

My Menu choices have a same weight Protein (meat / chicken) / Vegetable option in each of the Meal 2 and Meal 3 menu. I found it easier to rely on these choices, do the meat vv chicken most days, interchanged with cheese / fish options which are quite different weights.

I remember one of the Consultants at the Mitcham Clinic looking very thoughtful when I told her this, she hadn't realised that I had the same weight for meat / chicken options and went off to read my Program to satisfy herself that I was right - and, on track!

I remember Asy being very particular about weighing. As she reminded us, if 5g is 5% variance, that is actually a wide variance from the formula.

We wouldn't want to drive across a bridge which had been built with a 5% tolerance for fault!

Anyway, we shall soon be racing each other on this downhill slope through the 70s - and I am happy to be cheering you on!!

Lotsa love

Lost 28 kilos in 2006, 15 kilos twice since then, 25 kilos in 2017 and 12 kilos in 2019. 2020 was a struggle so back to lose 10 kilo in 2021. Looking Forward To It!
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