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First goal reached and passed... 74.6Kg this morning

I haven't been this low in years maybe all the way back in 2013 - 2014 how sad !!!

Next goal 71.9. The numbers on the scale are my motivation.. I know so many people say don't focus on the numbers BUT they are my true indicator that I am moving in the right direction.

5 kg's to get to the 60's and then I know the home run and refeed is in sight.

Feeling strong this time around mentally. I was sick and tired of my self and way of life to really want this change.

Today marks one month with No Alcohol ( no hangovers !!! ) , No fatty carbs ( chips bay marie food, I work in a servo selling the stuff to people and not one little chip, that feels impowering on its own ) no energy drinks, I had 1 600ml diet coke in the 4 weeks.

Last 2 days I didn't do any cardio, yesterday sorted a cupboard out, there is a sense of achievement in seeing organization.

and grinding glass to load the kiln... I picked up a hobby fusing dichroic glass jewellery .... Beachside Glass or @PilbaraBeachsideGlass on FB it is good fun i am always amazed at what can come out of the kiln

Good Georgey the pup with the sore paw is mending OK, I love staying home with the dogs there is always something to do here.

Get lots of sleep. Get sunshine. Laugh. Go outside and play. Avoid grains and sugar like the plague.
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